Online Security: Firewall as a Cool Aviator against Online Threats

If your computer has access to the Internet or any other network, then it is normal for you to be thoughtful about the system’s online security. Though the Internet is a virtual world of wonders, at times, it can be extremely dangerous to your system. When your computer is exposed before online threats, you can solve the virus by various effective online security mechanisms. However, … Continue reading

Is Logout Compulsory in Websites

We are addicted to social networking sites so it isn’t surprising to see people missing to logout Facebook and forget pressing twitter’s logout button. For years, most people haven’t logged out of websites like Facebook and twitter yet they are safe and secure. For such individuals logout button seems a useless addition to websites, Isn’t it? Is logout really compulsory … Continue reading

How to do Affiliate Marketing Online

When more and more companies are entering into businesses on Internet, affiliate marketing programs are becoming popular as a very strong online marketing tool. For anyone who wants to make money online, affiliate marketing is a great way to get started. What is Affiliate Marketing Affiliate marketing is the act of referring online shoppers to different products and earning a … Continue reading

Lookout Mobile Security – How to Keep Your Mobile Safe from Online Trojan Attacks

Mobile is no longer just a phone. It is a moving fully-functional office desk for you, where you can access all kinds of services from music to news, from market shares to banking. A new-generation smart alternative to the bulky desk PCs, even laptops, are the smart phones, fully equipped with Internet access services and functionalities have made net surfing a one touch phenomenon. But with this freedom has come vulnerability … Continue reading

Authorship information and Image in Google Search Results: Explained With Stepwise Instructions

With advent of Google plus, Google fired in all cylinders to grasp its deserved space in social networking arena. One such strong initiative by Google is the inclusion of authorship information like image,name and link from Google plus in search engine results. From now on Google search results would also show the name and image of blog authors in the … Continue reading

Netbooks and Notebooks

If you run into gadget market to buy your dream computing device then you’ve got more options to choose than what your dad had. As we move up along the technological ladder, gadgets start to get smaller and faster. Previously we had computers that many of us felt as the ultimate computing device but then there came the Netbooks and … Continue reading

Linear Gradient in CSS3 to provide awesome Backgrounds effects to Menus and Divs

Previously web developers use image to add gradient, rounded corners and shadow effects to menus and divs which can slow down the website. Then launched the CSS3 with awesome features aiming to make websites load and perform faster. Among the various features of CSS3 one is the linear gradient which can provide the same gradient effect with just a single … Continue reading

How to Make Your Google Accounts More Secure

A lot of us store valuable information in our Google mail account, and do not take precautions regarding the safety of our passwords. Hacking emails has been a problematic issue ever since the evolution of emails. Accessing Google apps though shared computers also makes the password more vulnerable and there are chances of it being stolen. However, safety of the … Continue reading

Top 10 Fashion Websites Girlfriends would Love to Check

Girlfriends usually do not understand the obsession we guys have with the internet. They often are unable to comprehend why we need to get our daily dose of tech info and news. What would be a better way of making sure that your net addiction doesn’t take a toll on your relationship? Simple answer – get her addicted too. Fashion … Continue reading

10 Most Weird and Unusual Items Sold on eBay

One of the biggest online shopping portals in the world, eBay is also host to a number of weird and unusual items. The more amazing part however is the number of buyers and bidders who respond to such offers. It would also not hurt to make some money on an item that you don’t have use for anymore. For people … Continue reading

5 Most Expensive Laptops in Indian Market

Passion has no boundary and when it comes to owning an electronic gadget, money knows no boundaries. While cheap laptops are popular in Indian market, high end laptops being more powerful and fast-performing also have an immense potential. Let us have a look at some expensive laptops that are favorite of gadget lovers: 1. Dell-Alienware M17x (Core 2 Extreme QX9300) … Continue reading

Increase Adsense Income of Website by placing Google Adsense Code correctly

Making money from website seems adventurous and a bit non-practical initially but when you’ll read the success stories of professional bloggers you’d fancy having a website and making money from it. A website makes money from the ads it displays and services that it offers. If you own a website, now it’s the time to think seriously about placing Google … Continue reading