How to Speed up Website Performance

Developing a website is not a rocket science as my li’l brother developed one yesterday. The core of web development is keeping a fine balance between design, performance and utility of the website. Developing a good website needs serious creativity in multiple departments, that’s why Google and Facebook are right at the top. Among all other factors, website performance primarily … Continue reading

Press it, Share it and Tweet it-3 Easy and Effective ways to Achieve Targeted traffic

With increasing popularity of tools like WordPress, Facebook and Twitter getting quality traffic seems pretty easy now. But in order to achieve better results, you must be acquainted with the perfect strategy. WordPress In order to achieve better target traffic results with WordPress, there are three points to keep in mind always: WordPress SEO themes Use of relevant anchor text … Continue reading

Maximise Your Reach with Effective Social Bookmarking

If you are looking ways to promote your business online, than social bookmarking can help you drive traffic to your website. Effective social bookmarking services provide users to organize, store and manage web pages which they want on the net effectively. It is a way to promote your blog, your online content and to build a strong network of regular … Continue reading

Write Blog for a Client: Things to Consider in a Blogging Deal

Everyone has a different way of dealing with new people. Some may be ‘Hitler’ type while some may show serious traits of politics. If you’re a professional blogger, it’s better to adapt as per the client’s taste than praying for mutation changes. While you blog for a client, there may be times when you felt that the payment is not … Continue reading

Remove YouTube logo from YouTube videos

Want to remove YouTube logo from YouTube videos while using in your blog? Here is a simple hack to help you achieve this. You just need to put ?modestbranding=1 after the url of the video. Let’s understand this by an example. Let the URL of YouTube video be, <iframe width=”640″ height=”510″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe> and below is the video with YouTube … Continue reading

Cool New Kids in Social Networking Arena

As a parent of growing toddlers, security concerns about their kids using social networking often haunt many parents. Though social networking is not at all bad and some of them want their kids to draw advantage of meeting new people, making friends, being more creative and playing games online, they also want them to be safe from predators. So if … Continue reading

Online Marketing: Feed Syndication and Social Bookmarking together can bring Magical Effects

After starting your blog, it’s time to look for the ways to optimize it. Well, if this is your search related to then there are two important things that you can do to have good listings: feed syndication and social bookmarking. These are the two great online marketing tools that will assist you in achieving the targeted traffic; the motive … Continue reading

Really Cool Apps that will Market your Blog Efficiently

Blogging is one of the important social networking and marketing strategies adopted by both, small and big online business holders. It is not just about writing posts but to choose the related images, monitoring the platform and internet marketing your blog. Internet marketing becomes quite easy when you have great leverage to attract traffic to your posts but it is … Continue reading

WordPress Vs. Blogger

WordPress and Blogger are the two main contenders for free blog hosting. Bloggers often ask what they should choose as a blog service for them, wordpress or blogger.  Here are difference between these two blog hosts in terms of features and suitability which will guide you in choosing perfect blog service for you. Comparing features of wordpress or blogger?  Blogger … Continue reading

How to blog and write High Performing Blogs

Blogging isn’t an easy job, especially when you’re a beginner like me. Apart from having a strong hold on your subject, blogging needs patience – one of the rare human qualities. If you’re a newbie just started with blogging then you must need to spend some good 60-90 days writing high performing blogs before thinking of huge paychecks from Google. … Continue reading

How to avoid performance problems in Computer

Similar to our body, computer performance goes down with time. It may be due to sudden fault or gradual wear and tear of parts. To minimize problems in a computing device we need to have a basic understanding of hows and whys of computer problems and ways to deal with it. Most problems can be avoided with a little care. … Continue reading

Internet Marketing: Get Targeted Traffic

Web site promotion in this competitive world has become challenging. In order to make your business successful, you need to have strong web presence and your website should have lots of visitors. There are creative ways of internet marketing that can help you increase traffic to your website. Some will be free and some will cost you money. Here are … Continue reading