Why Twitter has 140 character limit

When Twitter came onto the scene, many people doubted its success mainly because of it’s 140 character limit. Barring all rumors it amassed more than 200million+ users and new services like re-tweeting and image sharing have been added, yet Twitter character limit is still not not longer than 140. Twitter is actually a micro-blogging site i.e blogging with a character … Continue reading

How to Bid for Facebook Ads: Internet Marketing Strategy

Now that Facebook is the most famous sensation on the internet, advertisers are trying their utter best to post ads on Facebook. The problem is, due to the immense popularity of Facebook getting an ad posted on it is expensive and not easy. Strategies Applied by Facebook Facebook may have started as a platform to help people socialize; it is … Continue reading

Google AdSense Application to have Two Step Review Process

How many times has your Google AdSense application has been rejected? Perhaps, many a times before you finally give up applying for the new AdSense account. There have been many reasons of declining the AdSense application of the publishers; however, rarely anybody knows why the application gets rejected. Existing AdSense Policies As per the existing AdSense guidelines for publishers, they … Continue reading

Make Bootable Pen Drive for Windows Vista and Windows 7:Fully working technique explained

Looking to make bootable pen drive and draw accolades? Or you’re among those who need a bootable pen drive more than life just to power your silent system. Whatever may be the reason, we have a solution – an awesome way to create pen drive for windows vista and Windows 7. The technique we’ll be discussing here is 100% working … Continue reading

How to use Firebug addon for Mozilla Firefox Browser

Once you have downloaded and installed Firebug to Mozilla browser, its time to see how it works. Below is stepwise instructions showing how you can replace Google logo using Firebug addon for Mozilla Firefox with just a minor alteration in the DHTML coding. Once we are on Google.com, right click to see ‘Inspect Element’. Click on ‘Inspect Element’ to see … Continue reading

Reasons for Slow Computer Performance

Slow Computers performance is something that annoys everyone. With time, computer performance gradually slows down but a good care and regular maintenance can easily keep the performance upbeat for a long long time. There are many activities that could well be the reason for degraded computer performance and cause them an irreversible damage. Some of the main reasons are, Untrusted Software … Continue reading

Google Yahoo and Microsoft joined hands for Schema dot org

Google announced that it’s joining hands with arch rivals Microsoft and Yahoo to support common ways to represent web page metadata. A website called schema.org, would provide instructions for maintaining common metadata structures for websites. What Schema.org would provide? If I put name of my father, mother, sister and myself on a paper. How one could know of the relation … Continue reading

Download and Install firebug addon to mozilla firefox:Stepwise instructions

You can find a huge range of addons for Firefox browser to install and use. Firebug is one such awesome Firefox addon for web developers. It can let you edit and make changes to any website on the go. You can alter anything from HTML code to CSS and JavaScript coding of a website. If you want to change the … Continue reading

10 Potentially Dangerous Files May Contain Virus

Nowadays, not only computers but the internet has also become a daily life stuff. This gives every user ample opportunities to download more than enough files to satisfy all his needs. But along with this boon there also exists a bane. Your computer or website can also get affected by potentially dangerous files containing spyware or virus. This may lead … Continue reading

Reduce HTTP Requests to Improve Website Loading Time

Does your website loads very slow? If yes, then you must reduce HTTP Requests to your web server. If a webpage makes a good 15-18 then it could be the main reason behind your website’s tortoise walk. Actually, 70-80% of website loading time is spend in loading external files(JavaScript, CSS, images etc) that makes separate HTTP Connections with the server. Larger … Continue reading

Google plus:Latest social networking site by Google with features like Circles,group video chat, Instant Uploads and more

Google recently launched a new social networking site called Google+ (Google plus). Advent of Google+ is marked by change of the familiar gray strip at the top of every Google page turning black. Google+ will be built as a layer that not only integrates different Google social services, such as Google Profiles and Google Buzz, but also introduces many new … Continue reading

Google+ Vs. Facebook: Hot Debate in Social Networking Arena

Internet has made the life so easy for us. Today, we can connect to our distant friends, send emails, chat with them with the help of fast broadband internet connection. With the introduction of social networking websites like Orkut, Facebook, Twitter or Myspace, connecting with your near and dear ones have become so simple. Facebook Just create your profile, look … Continue reading