Reliance shut down BigAdda social networking site

Some of the best battle strategists throughout history have lived by the concept that if you can’t win a battle lock horns with someone your size. Reliance BigAdda, the telecom giant’s foray into the social networking segment is now officially closed. Since Bigadda is closed by Reliance, it has evolved into an e-commerce service now called the BigAdda Shop. Here … Continue reading

Benefits of using Secondary email for Google accounts

Google services hold some of the most private and confidential information of internet users. Using secondary email for Google accounts is utmost necessary as it ensures you never lose control, and if somehow you do then you can recover it back without much fuss. Although use of secondary email is optional but Google recommends it because of multiple reasons, Secondary … Continue reading

Why limewire was banned and shut down permanently

When we’d already had precedents like Napster, people reveling in the joy of free content distribution, knew deep down inside that it was too good to last. On December 31, 2010, the online P2P file sharing service, Limewire was banned and shut down permanently. If we try to look into the reasons why one of the best service on internet, … Continue reading

Google plus one button for websites

Google plus one or +1 service is launched some 3 months back. Google has been experimenting with the +1 button for some time now and finally on 1st June 2011 it’s made available worldwide. Google plus one button is shorthand for “this is pretty cool” or “you should check this out”. Clicking on +1 means you have stamped your vote … Continue reading

When blogs are not performing well: How to motivate yourself

Motivation of any blogger can dwindle if blogs are not performing well. Limited visitors for weeks and months is enough to dent anybody’s confidence. Like any other job, blogging too has ups and downs. One day you might find traffic soaring up while the other day it might drop down. If you’re a professional blogger thriving hard to get your … Continue reading

Essential qualities to become a successful blogger

Journey of Blogging is slow like an old Raj Kapoor classic wherein a love story goes through hundreds of twists and turns before reaching ‘I love you’ somehow and somewhere around the finishing line. Well love stories don’t but blogging does ask us for the application of each and every inch of our temple starting from retina through to the … Continue reading

Journey of social media websites: From Facebook to Foursquare

During my childhood days, I begin studies soon after waking up in the morning. But I can’t visualize my children doing the same. Transformation is the essence of life and everyone has to mingle with the changing trend. During the last decade, social media websites became the ultimate thing on web. There is Web 2.0 or social media to be … Continue reading

Blogging: How to become a professional blogger

Blogging is a very interesting field for those who love to read and write. Like any other job, professional blogging requires dedication, hard work and patience for a considerable amount of time. It isn’t like a cake that you sell and earn. It’s like a crop that needs regular care for good results. Young authors who’re looking to take blogging … Continue reading

Firebug addon for mozilla firefox browser

Among the most famous Firefox addon on internet one is the Firebug addon. It is a web development tool that basically allows web developers to inspect and modify the webpage DHTML code. In broader terms it provides, 1. Debugging, editing, and monitoring of any website’s CSS, HTML, DOM, and JavaScript code.   2. JavaScript console for logging errors and watching … Continue reading

How to delete google chrome history

Google Chrome history deletion is very easy process and most people might consider this as a wasted tutorial. But there are guys who are new to the chrome browsers and don’t know how to do different stuff that also includes deleting chrome history. Below is the stepwise instructions showing how to Google chrome history, Click on the wrench icon on … Continue reading

Funniest Facebook Conversation ever

You must have seen and probably done most kinky talks on Facebook but this is something very hilarious. See the most funniest Facebook conversation I came across in Google search,

Call Your Friends with Facebook Now

The best part about Facebook is; it keeps on amazing us with exciting new features. In the month of November, they launched the new messages wherein users can have one on one conversation with their friends that means one can enjoy e-mails, texts and chats in one place which is amazing. New Sidebar lists people you message most If you … Continue reading