प्यार के बदले प्यार (Bond of Love between Priest and Fox)

Japanese short story of a priest who is loved by village people. He too tries his best to help others. One day he helps a fox. Rest of the story is how their bond strengthens with time. Moral of the Story: If you love others, you’ll get back love. Full Story in Hindi एक गांव के किनारे बनी कुटिया में एक साधु … Continue reading

पिता की सीख (Overconfident Thomas gets Embarrassed)

Rich and Overconfident Thomas forgets his father’s suggestions and end up in an embarrassing situation when he is looted by 3 thugs. Moral of the Story: Carelessness can be costly. Full Story in Hindi सेठ जानसन के पास धन-दौलत और ऐशो-आराम की कोई कमी न थी। उसका गांव में बहुत बड़ा व्यापार था। लोग उसकी इज्जत करते थे। लेकिन जानसन को … Continue reading

अनन्त लालसा (Greed of Poor Birju)

God grants a wish to poor Birju but his wishes keep on increasing. Seeing this, God takes away all the granted wishes and makes him poor again. Moral of the Story: Greediness is a curse. Full Story in Hindi बिरजू एक गरीब चरवाहा था। दिन भर दूसरों की गाएं चराकर शाम को थका-मांदा घर लौअता था। उसकी कमाई केवल इतनी थी … Continue reading

निन्यानवे का चक्कर (Chase of 100 coins)

An Indian folk story in which Teerath and Kalyani forgets to live their own life in their chase to get 1 extra coin to complete their collection of 100 coins. They end up on 99 coins. Moral of the Story: Desire Never Ends. Complete Story in Hindi प्राचीनकाल की बात है। असम के ग्रामीण इलाके में तीरथ नाम का कुम्हार रहता … Continue reading

अनोखी तरकीब (Friendship of Mangal and Devdhar)

Friendship between friends is destroyed when one does cheating. They become friends again when the later does confession and says sorry for his act. Moral of the Story: Bond of Friendship is very Strong. Full Story in Hindi देवधर और मंगल की मित्रता ऐसी थी, जैसे दोनों एक ही शरीर के दो अंग हों। यदि को चोट लगती तो तकलीफ दूसरे … Continue reading

चम्मच का सूप (Farmer makes spoon-soup)

Story of a farmer who stops midway on a rainy day in a hut of an elderly lady. She refuses to give him food. Rest of the story is how he applies his brain and prepares tomato soup for himself. Moral of the Story: Use your brain, make things easier for yourself. Complete Story in Hindi एक बार एक किसान … Continue reading

बातों का फेर (Roger win 3 cattles in challenge)

A Russian folk tale in which a kid first boast of dining with ruthless village landlord and then enters into a challenge with his friend for doing the same again. Rest of the story is how he uses his brain to dine with village landlord to win 3 cattles in the challenge. Complete Short Story in Hindi गांव के किसान के बेटे … Continue reading

नेकी का इनाम (Step-mother Realizes her Mistake)

Indian folk tale(lok katha) in which a step mother who dislikes her step-daughter realizes her mistake and starts treating her like own child. Moral of the Story: Every Child is Equal for a Mother. Complete Story in Hindi बुलबुल बहुत ही भोली-भाली लड़की थी। छल-कपट उसे छू तक नहीं गया था। उसके स्वभाव के विपरीत उसकी एक बहन थी-ना था … Continue reading

जैसी करनी वैसी भरनी (Mother refuses to help her wayward sons)

Ramina’s sons leave her and goes to city and gets involved in illegal activities. One day they all get into trouble and their mother refuse to help them out. Moral of the Story: What you Sow is What you Reap. Full Story in Hindi एक गांव में रमीना अपने पति व चार बेटों के साथ रहती थी। वह अपने व अपने परिवार … Continue reading

मुक्ति (Andrei Marries a Frog)

A Russian folk story in which a father tries to find suitable brides for his 3 sons. Conflicts between his sons form rest of the story. Complete Story in Hindi एक गाँव में एक जार रहता था। उसके तीन बेटे थे। वह चाहता था कि उसके बेटों का विवाह बहुत सुन्दर और सुशील लड़कियों से हो। परंतु अपनी इच्छानुसार लड़कियां मिलना … Continue reading

मेहनती लड़की (Marshall searches an intelligent bride for his son)

Marshall searches for a beautiful and intelligent bride for his son. Its an English folk tale. Full Story in Hindi इंगलैंड के एक गाँव मंे मार्शल नामक फलों का व्यापारी रहता था। उसका व्यापार बहुत अच्छा था। मार्शल का बेटा थामस पढ़-लिख कर अपने पिता के व्यवसाय में हाथ बंटाने लगा था। वह खूब मेहनती और होशियार था। पिता को … Continue reading

मूर्खों की दुनिया (Karailchi searches biggest fool in the world)

A Bulgarian short story in which a person, after seeing foolishness of his wife and daughter, goes on to find biggest fool in the world. Full Story in Hindi एक गाँव में करैलची नाम का एक किसान रहता था। उसकी आमदनी इतनी अच्छी थी कि अपनी पत्नी और बेटी का पेट आसानी से पाल सके। करैलची ने अपनी बेटी किराली … Continue reading