How to convert scanned image to word document

To make a scanned image editable, we first need to convert it into a word document. Here is the stepwise instructions to convert a scanned image (of any format) to an editable word document, First, get your scanned image file, say abc.jpg. It could be in any format, .jpg, .png, .bmp or any other, all will work fine. Open the image … Continue reading

Tips to keep laptop battery healthy to last longer

You can get the services of a doctor if you’re ill but what about your laptop’s battery. Laptops are great gadgets but shorter battery life can ruin your fun, so here we bring you some ways to keep battery in healthy condition so that it lasts as it should, When you first purchase a laptop, first put it to charge … Continue reading

Simplest way to download YouTube video

In this blog, we’ve 2 great things for you. First we’ll tell you the simplest way to download a YouTube video, ‘simplest’ means really the simplest way. And secondly, you’ll get the fastest way of downloading those videos. What you need? Nothing much, you just need to download Internet Download Manager, unarguably the fastest download manager on internet. It’s more … Continue reading

Best sources for content of a blog

Bloggers are no less than hunters, frequently chasing for hot news and updates. Though, creating a great content isn’t that easy but some sources can inspire you to generate amazing blogs. Here are some best sources for blogs, Wikipedia, Wikihow: These two websites of Wikimedia Foundation are probably the two biggest source of correct content on web. Bloggers use content from … Continue reading

Aakash tablet rival, Classpad to come in market

A Delhi based company, Classteacher Learning Systems developed a tablet called ClassPad, which has better configuration than Aakash tablet. Advent of Aakash has set a new trend of developing cheaper tablet, and taking cue from this, ClassPad is developed. It’s priced more than Aakash tablet, but with most configuration slated better than the cheapest tablet, ClassPad has much more to … Continue reading

How to set background-image in Facebook timeline profile

Facebook recently launched its new timeline feature that allows users to divide their life-events in months and years before showing them onto their Facebook profile page. In our last blog, we discussed how to switch from normal Facebook profile to a new timeline profile. Today, we’ll learn how to add a background-image(or cover) in a timeline profile. Here are the … Continue reading

Helpline numbers and updates on Cyclone thane

Cyclone thane wrecked coastal areas of Tamil Nadu and neighbouring union territory of Puducherry this morning. Flights have been disrupted, trains are either called-off or delayed by multiple hours. Electricity is absent and Puducherry is currently facing heavy showers with winds zooming above 130-140kmph. Showers are expected to last for about 4-5 hours (till 1pm, 30th Dec). More information on Cyclone Thane can … Continue reading

How to use a single webcam for multiple IM programs

On Skype, you’re chatting with Jatin, and now your girlfriend Rhea wants to chat with you on Facebook. What’ll you do, how to use the same webcam for 2 different IMs? One of the following softwares can help you in sharing a single webcam with multiple programs. SplitCam A freeware program, SplitCam allows you to simultaneously chat on multiple programs with … Continue reading

How to reuse an old dead laptop battery?

If your laptop dies soon after electricity goes off, then one of the following ways can be of great help in reviving your old laptop battery and use it again. Note: In the blog, I’m considering your laptop is having no battery power. 1st Way: Use old laptop battery for 15 minutes The first method can provide you up-to 15 minutes … Continue reading

5 types of content banned on Facebook

From a single line status to bulky images, and connective links to amazing videos, we post each and everything on Facebook for the world to know and comment on it. While doing so, unknowingly, we might violate one or two Facebook terms and conditions. So its important to know our limitation while using the social networking site. Below are the 5 … Continue reading

What is the exact price of Aakash tablet?

Price of Aakash tablet is rippling up and down. Different websites have their different prices, ultimately confusing the readers. Here we’ve brought forward the exact price of Aakash tablet in the Indian market. We’ll give the exact price of the tablet for students, common people and describe why the prices are fluctuating so much. Aakash tablet price for students: Less than … Continue reading

Buy best tech gift for girlfriend on this New Year

Looking to buy a gift for girlfriend? Or, you’ve messed-up thinking of the best gadget that your girl would like. This happens, more so when your girlfriend’s birthday is on 31st Dec, like mine’s. Here are a few pretty good ‘tech’ gifts that you can present to your girlfriend (and, mom n dad) on this New Year. Best Smartphone: Samsung Galaxy S2, … Continue reading