Tips to make an old laptop look like new (at home)

Its a good idea to refurbish an old laptop if you’re still using it for your work. Laptops have a long life, and if starts to look dull doesn’t means its no longer usable. But you might feel uncomfortable while carrying it to office or on official tours as its appearance fails to match the one that your colleagues have. … Continue reading

Forward Facebook chat messages to friends (or anyone else)

Just like Gmail, Facebook chats are also stored for future reference. Facebook allows you to mail all those older chat messages to anyone on web. You can forward it to your friends on Facebook, or to any email id(gmail, yahoo, hotmail etc). Moreover, you have the option to forward either the entire chat log or selected portions of it in … Continue reading

How to stop receiving unknown friend requests on Facebook

With default settings, anyone can you send friend request on Facebook. This may result in lots of requests from unknowns that may turn your profile look buggy. To stop receiving new friend requests from unknowns, or to have some control over this, you need to change your Facebook settings. Login to your Facebook profile and click Privacy settings. Find How You Connect heading, … Continue reading

How to start blogging successfully

I’d been blogging for the past 5 months and still trying to stabilize my foot in the field. In the meanwhile, I learnt a few things most of which came the harder way. From my personal observation, here are few points that can help budding bloggers in starting a blog and making it successful, 1. Take decision: Be clear headed … Continue reading

Watch 3D videos in Youtube

The 3D scene is bursting with new ideas and technologies. More and more videos are now being shot in 3D. Movie screens are offering special 3D glasses to make use of the popping effects of the added dimension. Taking the 3D revolution out of special screens, YouTube now offers a large number of user-uploaded videos that can be viewed right … Continue reading

A video memoir of Steve Jobs

The whole world was stunned on October 5, 2011 to hear the death of the Steve Jobs. This visionary and an icon of Apple had been instrumental in inventing the most popular gadgets like iPad, iPhone, iMacs, and iTunes.  Soon, after his death there were millions of people who were searching for memoirs of Steve Jobs on the internet. The … Continue reading

How to embed secret text in images

Ever wondered how secret texts are inserted in images and sent via email. You must had, I guess! This method is being widely used by intelligence agencies to exchange confidential messages. Also, terrorists used the same for communication while planning for the 9|11 attacks. These reasons are enough to raise your appetite for knowing how, in fact secret texts are embedded in images. Its a simple … Continue reading

Lean Back, Control YouTube from your phone

It really is a mystery why this wonderful little feature does not have as many fans as it deserves. Weary and content (or not) from a long day’s work, even tapping away a few keys might seem hard work. In comes YouTube Leanback.  Drop down on your recliner and let YouTube serve you with its best videos. Once you enter … Continue reading

YouTube tricks and features

The ubiquity of YouTube is unquestionable. So much so, that watching videos online can safely be short phrased YouTubing. But while many enjoy tapping away keys and watching a video unfold, few are aware of the many powerful features that YouTube offers. Use a few of them and turn your computer into a customizable media station. Here are some of … Continue reading

How to extract image from Word file (3 simple ways)

A friend has mailed you a Word file as attachment that has some images in it. When you download it, you can see all the content including images. Everything is fine till here, but problem arises when you want to extract images(from Word) and save to your computer. Here we provide 3 very simple ways to extract images from MS … Continue reading

How does YouTube earn money?

Started by 3 PayPal employees in 2005, YouTube was sold to Google for a mammoth $1.65 billion. The video sharing site is one of the biggest money earning subsidiaries of Google. Having said this, most people find it confusing as how could YouTube earn money when its absolutely free and doesn’t charge a single penny for views. Some days ago, one … Continue reading

How to cancel an e-ticket directly by an email

For cancelling an e-ticket, you need to login to your irctc account and complete a lengthy cancellation process. This is tiring as the website is usually very busy and webpages take long time to load. But there is an absolutely easy way of doing the same. Its by directly sending an email to from registered email address(one that’s in irctc profile). For … Continue reading