What Google says about Einstein?

Last night, I saw something very interesting in Google suggest results. When I typed ‘Einstein is‘ in Google then it suggested me some queries that was difficult to believe. Here is what I saw,

Difference between 3G and 4G technology for mobile phones

Though we use these terms in daily life but when it comes to buying a 3G or 4G phone we get confused more often than not. ‘G’ stands for generation of mobile technology. First there was 1G for analog phones, then came 2G for digital phones and now we have 3G and 4G to our service. The two latter technologies … Continue reading

How to start and use Google+ Hangout (Stepwise guide)

Amidst Facebook’s growing clout in the Social Networking Business, Google+ is desperately trying to win a losing battle. A promising new feature thrown in by Google is Google+ Hangout. Google+ Hangout is a completely new way for video conferencing and live chats. It allows you to invite your friends to a conference and a have a face-to-face conversation with as … Continue reading

Post query for failed recharge in rechargeitnow.com (consumer support)

Failed recharge is a common problem while using online recharge service. Sometimes payment is deducted while mobile isn’t recharged. Other times, transaction gets successful (payment deducted too) but recharge fails. As this is all done by an automated system, so glitches are bound to happen. But you can’t rely on the website to make corrections, you have to tell them of the problem by … Continue reading

IT job interview in India: Interview questions and preparation a candidate needs

If you have just completed your engineering or IT diploma, first question comes to your mind is what types of questions are asked during an interview! Here are magical tips to overcome unexpected nervousness and confusing atmosphere. Asking random questions and creating confusing environment for candidates during the interview is common, but as an IT candidate you should understand technical … Continue reading

How to add menu and submenu in WordPress (stepwise instructions)

WordPress provides a simple interface to add menus and submenus. Submenus are the list that appears when cursor is moved over a menu item. You’re seeing the same in CyberPassion (move cursor over menus). To add submenu to a WordPress-powered site, follow our stepwise guide, Login to admin panel and go to Appearance > Menus. Once you’re there, you’ll see … Continue reading

5 best features of latest WordPress 3.3.1

WordPress 3.3.1 is available for some time now. As I was on moon with some urgent work, hence failed to update it. But soon after my return, I’ve finally updated my WordPress and the latest update looks quite interesting. Its packed with great features with radical improvements in GUI, easing the work of bloggers with some really cool features. Though, … Continue reading

Batch file trick to automatically shutdown windows

We’ve all heard of the utterly useful batch files. Dreaded as they are, some batch file tricks can automate a lot of tasks and in the process, provide some really interesting (or annoying) scares and laughs. In essence, a batch file offers all that you can achieve with the command line. In addition however, it also allows a couple more … Continue reading

Write Hindi in Facebook without using app

To write Hindi in Facebook, Twitter we need the help of apps. The same can be easily done with minimum effort by using online translation tools. Here are 2 such tools for writing Hindi in Facebook (or any other social media site). Here are they, Method 1: Use Microsoft’s online Indic Language Input tool This is an online tool by … Continue reading

All Facebook pages getting redesigned

After Facebook profiles shifted to timeline, its now the turn of Facebook pages to get a redesign. Yes, all Facebook pages would now soon be carted over to a new design. It’s optional now but it’ll be made mandatory after 30th March. Admins can check their redesigned Facebook page before it gets mandatory. If they want, they can switch to … Continue reading

Useful CMD tricks and commands

That wretched black window with a broken white font gives more scares than be of any use, right?…Wrong. Though not exactly user-friendly, the Command prompt can sometimes prove to be of help.  First things first. How do you run cmd? Press the ‘windows-key + r’ combination and type ‘cmd’ in the Run box. But what if the utility is blocked … Continue reading

How to choose correct domain for business?

You’ve been given the name by your parents just because it carries some meaning, something that they feel proud in calling you. The same thing applies with the domain name for a business. Your brand is your lifetime dream, so why not decide a name that suits it the best. Here are some important guidelines for selecting the right domain name … Continue reading