Smart Defrag: Best free defragmentation tool

Most people in today’s computer world know the importance of defragging a hard drive for improving its performance and speed.But most of us are confused between the number of options available in the market.Some people even spend large amount of money to keep their system hard disk in top performance condition. Today I’ll discuss about a powerful free tool ‘Smart … Continue reading

Use checkbox as radio button: Customize default nature using Javascript and jQuery

Different HTML elements have their own features. ‘Checkbox’ allows you to select multiple inputs while ‘radio button’ is limited to a single entry only. Checkboxes look more attractive than radio buttons and that’s why most developers use it in place of radio buttons. If you’re one of them then read our tutorial as we gonna tell you how you can … Continue reading

Create website shortcuts on desktop

How do you visit a website? Probably you first start the browser, enter url and wait till the page loads. It’s a simple but 2 step process. Today we tell a cool trick to open a website directly from your desktop by creating its shortcut. To do this, 1. Open notepad and type in Start chrome.exe “” 2. Save the file … Continue reading

Run scratched CD/DVDs

So you are trying to copy a few photos to your computer from a CD that your friend gave a millennium ago. Chances are it is scratched and dirty and the very looks suggest a futile attempt. But before giving up, try these tips to recover scratched CD/DVDs. First check if the disk works fine on some other machine or … Continue reading

Exclusive trick to resume broken download links from IDM

We all know Internet Download Manager (IDM) is the most powerful and popular downloader.But how you feel when you have already downloaded a large part of a big file (say 60% to 99%) and IDM says…..ERROR-link broken..can’t resume etc…although it was a resumeable download link?Definitely you feel like throwing your system.Same was the case with me but I’ve discovered a … Continue reading

Advanced System Care :It’s time to completely fix your slow PC!

Advanced System Care(ASC) 5.2 is a master piece application to make your slow PC superfast!! You can’t imagine the number of tweaks and enhancements it can do even for a newly installed Windows OS. Just after a new Windows 8 installation in my laptop ASC deep cleaning found 9500+ security fixes and 1000+ registry tweaks and junk cleaning to be … Continue reading

Best Firefox performance tweaks to make Firefox faster

Firefox is the best browser for all purpose from web development to all official works. But most of you may not be happy with its speed.Though speed of Firefox improved a lot from Firefox 4 and above but still it lags behind Google Chrome. Today I’ll tell you about Firefox tweaks that you need to make in Firefox 11 and … Continue reading

Browse internet faster on slow internet connection (in India)

Internet connection in India are often so slow that your can go for a tea-break before a webpage loads completely. Internet users always face slow internet connections, especially those people living in congested areas as they do not have access to broadband services. If you are one of them and having the same problem, here are simple and effective tips … Continue reading

NFOPad: Smallest and best .nfo file alternative for notepad

Do you find default notepad of Windows boring and insufficient for your use?Can’t find any solution for .nfo files?You need not to worry anymore-today I will tell you about NFOPad which can open and edit documents in the NFO, DIZ and TXT format. Default Windows notepad is not customizable and cannot open .nfo files but NFOpad makes it all simpler … Continue reading

Get start button with cascading menu like XP in Windows 8

After millions of downloads and millions of requests for start button in Win8 Microsoft is still not willing to bring back the old start button.We all are in habit of using Start button for accessing all windows programs and features.Without windows Start button I am sure you can’t imagine using Windows OS. Today I present you a small and effective … Continue reading

Rainmeter: Ultimate personalized desktop customization

Are you bored from your desktop looks? Want to have all system information in great looking gadgets without heavy resource usage? Want to have great features and looks for your desktop without changing your OS? Then Rainmeter is the ultimate desktop customization tool for you. Rainmeter can do anything for you from desktop customizations to utilities for useful information like … Continue reading

Get easy shutdown options for windows 8

Are you on windows 8 but not happy with its shutdown options?Although there are millions of Microsoft’s Windows 8 CP users around the world today but most of them are missing the start button and easy shutdown options of old windows versions. Today I’ll tell you about getting easy shutdown options in windows 8.For getting cascading start button in windows … Continue reading