Avast! Internet Security 7: Power,Performance and Security review

Avast! is one of the most respected internet security firm in the world. Avast! protection is trusted by over 150 million users-and that’s what makes its security products a reliable one as its being tested regularly by millions of users worldwide.Today I’ll tell you about Avast! Internet Security 7 (here after referred as AIS 7) and how it performed in my real time … Continue reading

Windows 8 Release Preview coming early June 2012

Windows 8 lovers waiting for a new release and others looking for a better and stable version than Windows 8 Consumer Preview will find their O.S this June 2012.One of Microsoft officials said that company is boosting up Windows 8 for its release and now Microsoft is ready to release a Release Preview version of Windows 8.   The Windows … Continue reading

MP3 Quality Modifier: Store more music in less space

With today’s busy life and cheaper electronic goods MP3 players are quite popular.Whether its through mobiles or portable MP3 players we all love to listen our favourite songs while working or on the way to college/office.But how you feel when you are unable to add more music files to your mobiles/MP3 players due to less memory? Though you may have … Continue reading

Kaspersky Internet Security 2012: Power,Performance and Security review

Kaspersky is a well known name in the world of internet security.KIS is always among top 3 choice of all security test labs.In recent years Kaspersky faced stiff competition from Norton and Bitdefender; and the result is all new Kaspersky Internet Security 2012.KIS 2012 possess great U.I. and security features.   Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 is a powerful security suite, … Continue reading

Post to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace simultaneously

We’ve have plentiful apps to post update from one social networking site to another. But there is a service that allows posting of update to almost each and every social networking site right from a single place. You post update on it and it gets immediately posted to your Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn, Delicious, Friendfeed, Hi5, Bebo and many other social … Continue reading

How to add useful shortcuts, files and folders in ‘My Computer’ window

Generally all versions of Windows O.S. show some default shortcuts in “My Computer” window like system drive,hard disk drives,optical drives,network connections etc.But still if we want to add some other desired shortcuts or links to ‘My Computer’ window its not possible through default Windows options. After applying simple steps described below you will get shortcuts to your favourite applications,files,folders etc. … Continue reading

How to automatically rename photos with the date they were shot

We all desire to manage our digital camera pics easily and without any effort.One of the best method is to arrange them with the date they were shot. Arranging and renaming photos with their date of capture is not possible automatically with most of digital cameras because digital cameras have their own clock and record the date to each photos … Continue reading

Trick to flip Google logo upside down

Today we have a trick that’s based on one great program called Firebug. We’ll flip the Google’s logo on its homepage upside down by 180 degrees. For this trick to be functional, first you need to download and install firebug onto your browser. Next go to the Google’s homepage (www.google.com) and do the following steps, 1. Right click on the … Continue reading

Bitdefender Internet Security 2012: Power, Performance & Security review

There is always race between security softwares to be the best among all with highest ratings from security test labs.One of such best rated security firm is Bitdefender. Bitdefender is a Romanian company creating powerful security softwares since 2001.BitDefender Internet Security 2012 is one of the most powerful security suite available in the market.Its also the top rated internet security … Continue reading

Recover Gmail account using mobile SMS or phone call

Though a lost Gmail account can be recovered by multiple ways but recovery using mobile SMS/phone call is the simplest way. All you need is to provide the verification code sent to the mobile number you entered while registering for the Gmail account. Gmail account recovery using mobile SMS 1. First click ‘Can’t access your account’ link in the login … Continue reading

Boost gaming performance in Windows

We are living in a modern computer world where laptops get outdated in every 3-6 months as new and higher configuration systems are replacing old one rapidly.Same is applicable to gaming performance of systems.Higher capacity processors,RAM and GPUs are becoming more popular with time.   If you look into common configuration of systems year-wise;you will notice that its doubling each … Continue reading

Norton Internet Security 2012: Best Internet Security for performance with protection

We all always wish for a powerful security in our computer systems without compromising performance.I am sure you must have tried a lot of internet security suites for satisfactory results but all lag in one or other feature. Today I am sharing the best solution for all what you would have expected in an internet security suite. NORTON INTERNET SECURITY 2012 … Continue reading