Can I use Infolinks and AdSense ads together on the same page?

Yes, both Infolinks ads and AdSense ads can be placed on the same page, even next to each other without any problem. It won’t violate terms of any of these service. Ads from both these online advertising services complement each other well, being visually different from each other. In fact, you can use ads of other advertising services like Clicksor, Chitika … Continue reading

How to Insert AdSense Ad within Post Content in WordPress (without Plugin)

Best place for placing AdSense ad is within the content. By doing so, we increase the visibility of ad, and hence there are better chances of readers checking them. Inserting Ads within post content in a WordPress site isn’t easy since we need to know the programming structure of WordPress or use a plugin to do this. But in today’s … Continue reading

How to Book Newspaper Ads Online from Home

Booking a newspaper advertisement is easy with releaseMyAd, one of the premier online ad booking service in India. The process of ad booking through the website is simple, all you have to do is to choose a newspaper, write content, select date, make payment and your ad will appear in the newspaper on the selected date. It’s a great way … Continue reading

11 Killer Tips to Increase CPC of Adsense Ads

Low CPC value can considerably reduce your income. I’ve faced this in the past, but there are ways to increase it. Yes, with little tweaks and clever tips, you can increase CPC of the AdSense ads appearing on your website. Here are 11 of those best tips that’ll boost your income by a big margin, Tip 1: Place your Best Performing Ad … Continue reading

How to Choose Best Web Hosting Service for Website: Best Tips

The biggest concern for an individual while starting a website is to choose the right web hosting service. There are hundreds of companies, all promising to be the best in service, but only a few has the infrastructure and team to tackle the ever increasing cyber-threats and extreme traffic that sites experience at times. Apart from this, keeping websites online 365×7, 24 hours … Continue reading

What is Document Open Password for Aadhar Card

Online copy of aadhar card (e-aadhar) can be taken from, the website of Unique Identification Authority of India. 1. Once you’ve fill entries and entered the OTP, your e-aadhar card will automatically download to your computer. 2. On opening, it’ll ask for a ‘document open password’ for authentication. A block saying ‘Eaadhar_123456789 is protected. Please enter a Open Document Password’ … Continue reading

How to Get Copy of Aadhar Card Online on

Aadhar card is made compulsory for all Indian citizens. Daily thousands of aadhar cards are issued to Indian nationals by Unique Identification Authority of India. Due to huge influx of requests, sometimes the postal delivery of Aadhar card is delayed. But you can get copy of aadhar card online on the website Here the stepwise guide to get e-aadhar card … Continue reading

Facebook Update Publishing System Explained with PHP Code (and Ajax)

Sharing updates on Facebook is a great way telling your friends what you’re upto. But have you realized how update publishing system in Facebook is designed and why it works so awesomely. From a programmer’s point of view, its really an intriguing matter. Such a system can be designed using PHP and Ajax. In this post we’ll design a similar … Continue reading

How to Connect Remote MySQL Database using PHP

For connecting to MySQL database hosted on the same server, we generally use ‘localhost’ as hostname. Apart from this, we need the username, password and name of the database we need to connect to. Remote MySQL database means we have our database located at some distant location, not on the same place(host) where our website/app is. For connecting to such … Continue reading

Top 10 Weak Passwords to Avoid for Email Accounts

Be it your Gmail, Facebook or bank account, passwords are important in all. They are the keys to unlock those private things that we don’t want rest of the world to see. Despite being so important to us, we seldom give a heed on keeping a strong password to prevent it from attacking. Everyday as many as 10,000 accounts are compromised, … Continue reading

How to Book Confirmed Tatkal Train Tickets Successfully on IRCTC?

If you were asked 3 toughest tasks to do then getting a confirmed tatkal ticket would surely be the first one. This is something that Rajnikanth wouldn’t bet on doing during Diwalis when the traffic in trains is over the roof. Is booking a confirmed tatkal ticket on irctc really that tough? I’ve spent over a decade booking train tickets … Continue reading

How to Create Facebook ads to increase Facebook Page Likes?

Facebook ads is a great way of increasing likes of a Facebook page at a staggering pace. All you have to do is to create an ad, select target area and target audience and a payment mode to get started. Run your ad as many days as you want and see how likes increase by many folds within no time. Here … Continue reading