Delete drafts and trash from a WordPress blog without using Plugin

A post on a WordPress blog can at any of these three status – Published, Drafts or Trash. Published posts are those which show on the website, while drafts are unpublished version of a post and trash is, as the name suggests, are deleted ones. Drafts and Trash contains most useless data and deleting them is a good idea to … Continue reading

Delete all auto-saves/revisions in a WordPress blog without using Plugin

When a blog-post is written using WordPress, its auto-saved after every 60 seconds. This is to prevent accidental loss due to system or browser crash. In fact, every blog-post has an auto-saved version if changes are made in it. Additionally, when an author manually saves a post or make changes to it and publish, the previous (same) post is saved as … Continue reading

How to generate full website backup in CPanel and download to computer

Generating full website backup is a good practice. It allows webmaster to fully recover a website when server fails and all data is lost. In full backup, all website and database files, CMS installation, subdomain files are covered. So, virtually no data is lost if you’ve got backup with you. If you’re using CPanel interface, here are the steps for … Continue reading

How to create a Facebook application, tutorial for beginners

Facebook applications are a great way of engaging friends and fans. Everyday new apps are coming out, making Facebook-time more addictive. If you wanted to create an app of yours then continue reading as we’ll tell you everything – right from designing the authentication dialog box to deploying app in Facebook for the world to use. Before starting the tutorial, make … Continue reading

How to start making Facebook app-get app id, set hosting url and more

Before building a Facebook app, you first need to register the app by providing name, hosting url and other information. After doing this you’ll get an app id, app secret and more details that’s required while coding the app. Here are the steps for configuring a Facebook app, 1. First go to 2. Next click on ‘Create New App’ button at … Continue reading

How to recover all lost blogs in 5 minutes

You own a website. Its running fine and all of a sudden it went offline. All the data – articles, blogs, apps, everything is lost. What to do? How to recover the lost blogs and other data? If you’re facing such a situation then take a deep breath as you can recover all the deleted blogs in minutes. Google, yes that famous … Continue reading

Check how your website looks in mobile phone

You see your website live on web, and must feel good about its performance and looks. But have you ever wondered how the same website looks in mobile. If not, there are plentiful services that allows you to seewebsite in smaller mobile screen. GoMo by Google This is one pretty cool service by Google wherein you can just enter the website url and see it in smaller screen. You can … Continue reading

Tips to optimize website performance for mobile

By the end of 2013, more people would browse internet using mobile phones than computers. And by 2015, nearly every guy on the plant would have a mobile phone. So a website could potentially be visited by the entire population of earth. Mobiles, being smaller and less-powerful can’t run the same site as effectively as computers can. So its important to optimize the existing website so that it … Continue reading

Why a brands need mobile version of their website

12 years ago we didn’t had a mobile phone, and use of internet was limited. Time has changed since then, now nearly every second guy has access to internet and every single guy has a mobile phone. Websites, which are once confined to the monitors, have now shifted to smaller screens as well. With the advent of WAP, browsing internet on mobiles and tablets … Continue reading

Make internet browsing faster on 3G USB Dongle/SIM

Not everyone has the luxury of a broadband connection for faster internet browsing. There may be times, may be in college or in some congested areas when you have to use slower USB Dongle or SIM to connect with internet. We can easily boost internet speed on slower interfaces using some tweaky practices. Below are some tips to achieve faster internet … Continue reading

Waterfox: The fastest 64-Bit variant of Firefox!

64-bit is the future of computing – users of Windows 64 bit get advantage of using more than 3.6GB of RAM and system’s potential is used to its maximum for delivering high performance. Although today all computer manufacturers supply 64bit processors and 64 bit Windows by default but still some softwares are available only in 32bit versions. Firefox is one … Continue reading

How to check if a user granted certain permission to an app (using FQL)

Facebook apps can ask user for lot of permissions – permission to read personal information, likes, posts, to post update and many more. Functionality of apps depend on these user data, so its important to check if certain permission(s) is granted to the app by the user or not. Here is the code that checks if ‘publish_stream’ permission is given … Continue reading