How to find broken links in website for free

Links are the indicators of website’s reputation. A website with more incoming links performs better in search engine results than its competitor within the same niche. But ‘linkrot’ ie the presence of huge number of broken links in a website can deter this advantage. So, what are broken links? Broken links, dead link or dangling links are the outgoing links … Continue reading

How to parse different JSON formats using jQuery/JavaScript

JSON, developed by Douglas Crockford helps in easy storing and transportation of data. Its much like XML but much faster and lightweight. Parsing JSON is easier compared to XML. JSON files are available in different formats. In the tutorial, we’ll learn about parsing different JSON formats. We’ll also give an insight of the syntax of JSON files which will help … Continue reading

Parse external JSON file using jQuery/JavaScript

JSON(JavaScript Object Notation) is a data-interchange format used to store and transport data. Database records, software meta-information are usually stored in XML and JSON files. JSON files are lightweight, concise and easy to parse than XML files, and that’s why JSON is increasingly gaining more acceptance than XML. Being a subset of Javascript, JSON can be easily parsed using Javascript … Continue reading

Convert MySQL database to JSON using PHP code

In the last few tutorials we talked about exporting MySQL database records to XML file and vise-verse, today we’ll discuss about converting database records to JSON format and save to a file on local system. JSON is very much like XML. Both provides easy way storing and transferring data. They can be read, and changes can be made directly to them without … Continue reading

How to parse xml in php [Explained with code]

In our previous tutorial, we explained about converting database records to XML. This post is a continuation of it wherein we’ll parse the generated xml file and retrieve data from it. Parsing XML is easy by using the two functions provided by SimpleXMLElement php class. After we parse the XML file, we can save data to database or use it wherever we want. … Continue reading

Convert database to xml using php [2 easy ways with code]

Every website saves its data to a centralized database. Database records are easy to manage, but slightly difficult to transport. XML files are better in terms of portability. They can be carried anywhere just like normal text or doc file. They can be read on any web browser. Also, alteration in XML file can be done without using any third party … Continue reading

Get Metro-Style Start Menu Replacement For Windows 7, Vista & XP With mStartEx

Windows 8 release preview is a lot more than its previous versions in terms of features, stability and performance. But if you are not interested to install the release preview version and want to use the metro-style user interface and tiles in older versions of windows then you should read ahead for a great tiny software called mStartEx. mStartEx changes … Continue reading

How to add and remove html elements dynamically using jquery

While developing a dynamic website, a forum or a social media site you might want to generate HTML elements in runtime. As we see in Facebook, hundreds of comments are posted on an update. Every time someone post a comment, a new comment box is generated dynamically. How its done? A new HTML element can be added using 2 ways: … Continue reading

Easily submit form using serialize jQuery function and Ajax

Thanks to Ajax, now we can submit forms without page refresh. And by using Ajax with jQuery we can make any code a lot simpler and easier to manage. Form submission can also be made easier by using Ajax and jQuery in conjunction. Problems with Conventional method When we submit a form using Ajax, we have to construct a long … Continue reading

How to add multiple borders to a div (or any HTML element)

Adding border to a HTML element is no rocket science. It can easily be done as, But how to add multiple borders to a div or any other element? CSS ‘border’ property can’t be used more than once. And if used, the newer border values will override the older ones. But there is a way of doing this, and that’s by … Continue reading

Create multiple color shadows for HTML elements using CSS3

CSS3 allows adding of shadow(s) to HTML elements. This feature greatly enhances the appearance of an element. The Basic Syntax box-shadow: Xpx Ypx Bpx Lpx #abc; Here: Xpx = horizontal offset on x-axis Ypx = vertical offset on y-axis Bpx = shadow strength/blur effect Lpx = shadow length #abc = shdow color When applied over an HTML element (<p>, <div> … Continue reading

Build a Google Chrome extension: Tutorial for beginners with free code to download

Chrome extensions are third party programs that are installed to Google Chrome browser to provide additional services. They are like add-ons of Mozilla Firefox, merely a change of name. Some of the common Chrome extension are, Avast WebRep extension shows the reputation of websites. Alexa extension for Chrome provides the ranking of every website visited by a user. Google has … Continue reading