Free download fonts of 35 famous brands

Wondering how big brands design their logo, wanna know about the typeface they use to make their logo. Your wait is now over. Just sit back and look at these 35 fonts of some of the biggest brands in the market which includes Coca Cola, Google, Puma, Heineken, Ferrari, Hulu, Swatch, Time and many more. Heineken Get the font and … Continue reading

List of best songs of Rajesh Khanna, a tribute on his sad demise

Rajesh Khanna, the very first superstar on Indian cinema died on 18th July at the age of 70. He was suffering from lung disorder for a long time, and his health was deteriorating very fast. He appeared in over 160 movies and was once a bigger star than Amitabh Bachchan and Dharmendra. He was married to Dimple Kapadia and was also romantically linked … Continue reading

15 interesting facts about Yahoo’s new CEO Marissa Mayer

Merissa Mayer is Yahoo’s new CEO, she is company’s 5th CEO in the last 5 years. Recent move by the company clearly indicate its promptness to compete with Google and regain its lost sheen. Since this blog is all about Yahoo’s new CEO, Merissa Mayer, here are some interesting facts that you’ll love to know. She was pregnant while resuming office … Continue reading

How to customize WP PageNavi, the best pagination plugin for WordPress blog

Pagination is the system at the bottom of a WordPress blog that allows visitors to navigate across different entries/pages. Here is how the default pagination in WordPress looks like, When website owners are ready to spend on getting fancy WordPress theme for their blog, they would defintely like to have a better pagination than what’s provided by WordPress as default. … Continue reading

8 things to do after creating a Facebook page for brand/service

A well structured, good looking Facebook page can grab lot more likes than a dull, useless Facebook page. So if you run a brand and have just created a page for it, here are the 8 most vital things you need to do before starting marketing campaigns. 1. Add a profile image: A no brainer. Just like a normal Facebook profile, … Continue reading

Forward Yahoo mails to Gmail for free

Bored of using Yahoo Mail and now want to involve with Gmail? If yes, then you might need to forward the existing as well as incoming Yahoo emails to your new Gmail account, to ensure no mails from your Yahoo friends are missed. Step-1: Prepare your Yahoo account for forwarding 1. Login to Yahoo and goto ‘Mail Options’. 2. Click ‘Vacation … Continue reading

Facebook scan your chatlog for criminal ativities

Recently, Facebook’s legal cell released a statement stating that Facebook scans almost all chat data to detect loose talks and criminal talks between two guys or groups of guys. This came into limelight when Facebook informed police about a 40 year old guy whose chat-log showed that he was trying to have unfair relationship with a 13 year old teen in the US. Police … Continue reading

YouTube movie trailer of upcoming Bollywood movies in 2012

In Bollywood, we’ve new movies releasing every week. Lately, there is a flurry of super-hits, most of whom were action-comedies. The same trend is expected to follow in the rest part of 2012 with many good movies waiting to release around Eid and Diwali. If you’re expecting to see Salman or Akki’s next, then here are the trailer of some … Continue reading

10 Websites for Online Movie Ticket Booking in India

Nothing can match the enthralling experience of watching a movie in theatre. The experience usually gets more charming if you have your favorite people to accompany you, be it a friend, girlfriend, or a sibling. If you want to watch a movie in the theatre but you are unwilling to stand in the lengthy queues to buy tickets, then read-on … Continue reading

Tips to book confirm Tatkal ticket online

Tatkal timing has changed. Now it’ll be booked from 10am rather than the old time of 8am. This change has tremendously cut down the traffic at reservation counters and on irtctc’s website for online reservation, But the situation is still not too good. In the blog, we tell you some easy tips to increase your chances of getting a … Continue reading

LinkedIn makes 20 times more revenue than Facebook

The heading might sound a bit misleading but is a fact that LinkedIn makes 20 times more money per user than Facebook. So, if LinkedIn has 900million users like Facebook then it would have 20 times more money in its pocket. This is due to the type of services that both social networking sites offer. Facebook offers everything for free … Continue reading

How to detect user location using Google Maps, Geolocation API and HTML5

Seen Google Maps? Amazing isn’t it? Wanna use it to track your friend’s or girlfriend’s location. If yes, then just sit back and read our monthly superpost wherein we’ll explain how Google Maps can be used in conjunction with Geolocation API and HTML 5 to detect anyone’s location on Map. Not only this, you can also track if the subject is changing location – whether he/she is … Continue reading