Meta keywords and Meta description do not improve Website Search Engine Performance

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Most of you must be running a website and should be using Meta keywords and Meta description as well. They are considered important in improving website’s search engine performance.

But most of you might not know that search engines have stopped giving prominence to Meta keywords and Meta description. Reason? Some bloggers stuff keywords and keyphrases in their Meta tags (keyword and description) to target some specific, high performing keywords just to appear good in search engines results and catch more traffic.

This might result in poor quality blogs to appear high in search results while better quality blogs to linger somewhere at the bottom.

Most search engines like Yahoo and Bing don’t weigh Meta information from the very beginning and Google, since 2009, stopped considering Meta keywords and Meta description in search algorithm. Now search engines only consider the keyword rich, informative and original content.

However, Google does show meta description in search results but it plays no role Google algorithm for search.

So from now on, forget using these stuff and just concentrate on producing the best possible information to show good in Google results.

The most striking example is the HTML code for webpages developed by blogging platforms like WordPress and Blogspot which doesn’t use Meta keywords and Meta description yet good posts perform well in search results.

You can also read the blog by Google confirming the same thing: Google doesn’t uses Meta keyword and meta description in search engine results.

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