Make internet browsing faster on 3G USB Dongle/SIM

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Not everyone has the luxury of a broadband connection for faster internet browsing. There may be times, may be in college or in some congested areas when you have to use slower USB Dongle or SIM to connect with internet.

We can easily boost internet speed on slower interfaces using some tweaky practices. Below are some tips to achieve faster internet browsing,

  1. A text browser loads only the text data of a webpage and eliminates heavier images and animations. One such browser is Lynx which is tremendously fast.
  2. If you’re browser is having toolbar(s) – for you news, search option and additional features then its better to uninstall them. Everytime you start browsing, such toolbars automatically load information from their servers.

    remove toollbars for faster internet speed

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  3. One great way of getting fast internet speed is by changing your schedule. During daytime, due to network congestion USB Dongle/SIM doesn’t provide good speed. So try and do most work during night-time where you can achieve faster downloading as well as browsing speed.
  4. If you’re connected to internet using SIM(in mobile) then cable connectivity is faster option than Bluetooth. Wired interface has less data loss as compared to other mediums.
  5. And now the key for boosting internet speed – Just like your mobile calls, signal strength should be strong for internet. Keep your USB Donlge at place where is catches better signal. Along the corners of a room is a good place.
  6. Whenever there is internet  connectivity, all softwares start to download updates automatically. You should turn them off to get faster browsing speed.turn off automatic updates for fast internet speed
  7. Websites take long time to load mainly because of the ads they show. You can use programs like AdBlocker as addon in your browser to prevent any ad from loading.
  8. Mostly, JavaScript, Java Applets, Adobe Flash plug-in are bulkiest elements, so make sure they are turned off from the browser settings. This is one great tip to get faster internet speed.
  9. Never turn off your browser’s cache. By default, its ‘On’ which allows your web browser to store some data of every website when visited for the first time. This makes your later visits faster.
  10. Enhancing browser cache size is a good way to load websites faster. Previously visited sites may sometimes create problems and your browser can simple switch from downloading these files and retrieve it locally from cache.
  11. Apart from this, you can use Internet Download Manager for speeding up your downloads. Also you can avoid working on multiple tabs, keep computer clean and fast for better internet speed.

Basically there is no magic wand, no software for increasing internet speed. We can only boost it and get faster downloading speed by employing the minor tweaks and practices.

Hope the above mentioned points would be of your help.

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