Lock/Unlock your PC with Pen Drive using Predator

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If you work in office and frequently go away without shutting down computer then here is one great way to protect your PC from others using it.

Predator is a software program that keeps computer functioning when pen drive is plugged-in and locks it as soon as its unplugged.

Here is how you can use Predator to lock/unlock your PC with just a pen drive,

1. First download Predator Professional Edition.

2. Unzip the file and install Predator clicking the .exe file.

3. Once installed, you’ll see a block. Click ‘Ok’ to proceed.

predator installation finished

4. In the preference box, enter password in the ‘New Password’ field. See the flash drive letter against ‘Create Drive on Key’. It should match the pen drive letter.

Click ‘Create Key’ and then ‘Ok’ at the top.

enter password to predator

5. Click ‘Ok’ and then restart ‘Predator’.

predator installation finished. restart to activate

6. You’ll see a green button at the bottom. This shows Predator is activated.

predator activated in computer

7. Now as you plug out the pen drive, PC would lock itself in few seconds. On plugging pen drive back to the port, it unlocks PC automatically.

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