8 Initiatives by Narendra Modi that Could Change the Future of the Nation

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India has seen a tremendous development during the past decade. Both the infrastructure and standard of living have gone up noticeably.  Since the current Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi came into power, various government schemes came into play. From digitization of the entire government officials working to giveitup program for LPG subsidy, we have seen many government initiatives that have brought in positive results. They also got a lot of applaud from the youth and common population in general. The thing is, these strategies are working and the results are an existing proof. So here are 5 latest Initiatives taken by the government of India that could potentially alter our future in a big way.

Make In India:


A program which would supposedly turn India into a manufacturing hub. It is aimed at bringing investment, both foreign and domestic into 19 key sectors. This would not only let us produce indigenous products but also provide employment on a massive scale. Should this be a success, we could also see a massive drop in prices of various products including automobiles, electronics, chemicals, oil, electricity etc.  Not only Indian government but the entire population of India is really excited about this campaign and small results are already being seen. May be this campaign can help us ge rid of the entire ‘Made in China’ fiasco.

Digital India:


The main purpose of digital India Initiative is to improve the communication between the government and the people and make their services readily available and easily accessible. But to do this, the rural population should first be provided with access to the internet and educated about it. So this branches out into three objectives: Make internet more accessible, educate the population over it and slowly move the services online. This would result in a lot less paper work thus simultaneously working towards a greener and cleaner India . The attaining of the essentials like a voter cards, passports Etc. would become easier, faster and overall more efficient. This would also help cut down the middle-men/agents and thus reduce corruption.

Skill India:


With this, the government intends to take the youth of the nation, mostly from rural areas and train them over any one of the many skills capable of generating employment. These could include anything ranging from textile to designing, construction or even tourism. This training would help them achieve the industrial standards and hence making them skilled enough not only to generate employment for themselves but also provide our country with quality work force.

Pradhan Mantri MUDRA Yojana:


The MUDRA (Micro Units Development and Refinance Agency) model is put forth to help the small and budding entrepreneurs of the country. Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that a majority of Indian people are either self-employed or employed in smaller companies that do not get a lot of funds. He also said that some of these emerging businesses have the potential to grow manifold, should they get proper help. With this movement he aspires to help not only small and budding enterprenuers but also wants to inspire people with ideas to go ahead with their new venture (start-up). The existing financial systems are said to be soon moved to the MUDRA model which benefits the entrepreneurs.

Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchayee Yojana:


This is a scheme planning to bring irrigation water to every village in India by mixing every related scheme that already exists. Agriculture makes up a lot of India’s income, but also happens to be the most neglected industry in the country. Farmer suicide rates keep raising every year and it seemed like nothing has been done. This scheme should be a speck of light for those farmers after almost an eternity of darkness. Hopefully this scheme would show us the agricultural potency of our country at its full glory. And bring the much needed (and deserved) hope and growth for the farmers of our country.

Startup India:


In order to make the entrepreneurship dream easier for young India, PM Narendra Modi announced the Startup  India initiative in his independence day speech last year. Through this initiative Modi targets to boost those small time ventures which are seen as key to ehance the Indian economy through employment generation and wealth creation.



National Payment Corporation of India(NPCI) launched RuPay in 2012 to fill the void of a domestic payment card scheme in India. Competing with likes of MasterCard and Visa in India, RuPay facilitates electronic payment across all Indian banks and financial institutions. In fact RuPay works even with various private and rural sectors banks that are not covered by Mastercard and Visa. NPCI have collaborated with Discover Financial and are working towards gaining international acceptance for RuPay.

Bullet trains:


India has the second largest rail network in the world but not a single high speed train running on them. Indian government has announced plans for India’s first ever bullet train that will be launched between Mumbai and Ahemdabad. The plan seem to be taking some shape after Indian government decided to open the corridors for the private sectors for the first time.

Government of India can launch schemes for our benefit but it is up to us, the people of India to help the government in making all these initiatives successful. So let us all work together for a better India.

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