How to unfriend a friend in Facebook Timeline

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With Facebook timeline, you can easily unfriend a friend in a few easy steps.

Here is the way to do this,

  1. First, click ‘See All’ option at the top of friends list in your Facebook timeline profile.
  2. On Click, you’ll see an expanded list of your friends. Move cursor over the friend you want to unfriend or unsubscribe.
  3. On hover, you’ll see ‘Friends’ and ‘Subscribed’ options.
  4. Move cursor over ‘Friends’ to see a a full list of options, with ‘unfriend’ at the bottom. Click it to unfriend that friend.
  5. Similarly, on mouse over ‘Subscribed’ option you’ll see ‘unsubscribe’ option. Click it to stop getting notification from that friend.

Here is stepwise depiction of the entire process,

how to unfriend a friend in facebook timeline

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