How to extract image from Word file (3 simple ways)

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A friend has mailed you a Word file as attachment that has some images in it. When you download it, you can see all the content including images. Everything is fine till here, but problem arises when you want to extract images(from Word) and save to your computer.

Here we provide 3 very simple ways to extract images from MS Word files. All these 3 methods work fine with both .doc and .docx MS Word files.

Method 1: Extracting by making it a webpage

This is probably the simplest way of getting images from Word file.

  1. First open the Word file, say temo.docx. Goto File>Save as WebPage.

    To extract image from Word, click save as webpage

  2. Select .htm/.html while saving the webpage. You can also rename it if you want.

    save webpage to extract image from Word file

  3. Once done, you’ll see a webpage is created with name temo.htm and a folder with name temo_files. This folder would contain all images of the Word file. You just need to copy them and save/use wherever you want.

    extracted image from word file is shown

The idea behind this extraction method for images off Word file is the characteristic of a webpage. Webpages can contain text, images, codes and more together. Here we’ve just converted the Word file into a webpage. So when its converted, text and other data are saved separately, hence giving us all images in temo_files folder.

Method 2: Trick to get images by zip compression

This one is a trick rather than a way of extracting image from a Word file. Most people might prefer this method as its also a very easy to use. So here is the method, use it, and decide which one is better.

  1. Rename your Word file with zip extension. Our file is temo.docx which would now become

    rename word file to zip to extract image copy

  2. Once the file is zipped, open it(don’t extract). Here you’ll see many folders. Just navigate to word>media folder and open it.

    easy extraction of word image from MS Word

  3. Voila! Inside the ‘Media’ sub-folder, you’ve all images from Word file. Just copy them and save wherever you want.

The idea behind this is simple. Zipped files are compressed files. During zip compression, files are spitted, and similar datatypes are grouped together in different folders. In our case, on renaming the file with .zip extension, content inside temo.docx word file is spitted (as well as compressed). Thus, we got out images when they’re grouped in ‘media’ folder.

Method 3: Extract image from Word file using Windows Paint/Photoshop

This method of extracting image from MS Word file is a bit lengthy. But it also allows you to make changes in the image directly by copying it to Windows Paint (or Adobe Photoshop/CoralDraw).

  1. To do this, first open MS Paint program, and the Word file(containing images). Paint is a free utility program that comes with Windows OS.
  2. Copy all images one by one (pressing CTRL+C) and paste to MS Paint. Edit/Crop images and then save to your preferred location.

    extract image and copy to paint or photoshop

    save extracted image from Word

This extraction method relies on the fact that images can only be read by image-editing softwares. So, you can only copy images from Word and paste to such sofwares to easily extract images from the Word file. This also allows you the option to change its appearance, color balance, add effects before saving it.

This method can be used with any image editing software like CorelDraw, Photoshop and others.

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