How to choose a safe and secure password

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Passwords are essential for each and every internet user. Its the key to unlock users private information that includes mails, banks details and many more confidential stuff.

So, its important to choose a password that’s,

  1. nobody can think of, except you
  2. easy to remember
  3. cannot be predicted

But how to choose a safe password?

Before thinking of a strong password you must know of passwords that are vulnerable to cyber attacks. You must not include your email/username, name and other private details in the password. These are easily guessable to a determined cyber criminal.

Also, avoid using random dictionary word as its easily be found with a good bruteforce software.

Choosing a strong password is easy once you mingle numerals, capital letters and symbols with your desired password.

Here are some easy tricks to help you create a safe and secure password for your account,

  1. Visually similar number with alphabets:  If you’re considering the word nostalgia as your password then turn it to n0sta1g1a by replacing alphabet o and l with numeral 0 and 1, respectively. Its easy to create and remember.
    replace alphabets with numbers to make it strong
  2. Replace alphabets with similar symbols: In your password, you can also use symbols like punctuation mark in place of alphabets. You can replace a with @ and i within case your password is steveaustin ( steve@ust!n )
    replace alphabets with similar symbol
  3. Illogical capitalization: Yes, another way of creating an easy to remember and secure password is by randomly capitalizing alphabets. A password 9decEmBer is safer than 9december.
    capitalize letters for strong password
  4. Using shortforms: Using n in place of and, and ur in place of your can significantly improve the strength of your password. You should agree to me that password ursafensequrepassvord is unbreakable while yoursafeandsecurepassword is prone to dictionary attack.
    use short forms to make safe passwords
  5. Use first character of a sentence: Consider a sentence, My 51st birthday is on 26th March 2011, take out the first character of each word and your password becomes M5bio2M2. This might appear a bit difficult to remember but when you use it for 4-5 times, it’ll feed into your memory.
    use first characters of sentence as secure password

Also, your password must not be less than 8 characters and in length. Longer is better.

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