How to get back a lost Airtel number, getting a duplicate SIM

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Lost your phone? Sim card too? If yes, then carry out the following steps to recover the it back by getting a duplicate SIM of the same Airtel number.

1. File FIR

First lodge a FIR complaint to the concerned Police Station. One thing to note here is that you can file complaint to the police station of the area where you actually lost the phone. So for a Airtel SIM lost at Bhagwan Talkies, Agra, you have to lodge complaint at the Bhagwan Talkies Police Station only. You’ll be charged some amount – legally or illegally, at the police station.

While writing the application, don’t forget to mention the correct time when you lost the phone. The officer would stamp it and give you a copy of the filed FIR.

This is important to prevent legal problems if the missing SIM is used for wrong purposes by someone. Also, FIR would be required for the issuance of duplicate SIM.

You can follow the tutorial to correctly write FIR for lost SIM.

2. Block SIM

Next step is to block the SIM. This can be done by calling customer care on 198 from any Airtel prepaid number. The customer care official would ask you of last recharge, validity and other information.

Once you give satisfactory answer, the outgoing calls from the lost SIM would be blocked. Though, incoming would be on for some time.

3. Get Duplicate SIM Card

To retrieve the SIM, go to the nearest authorized Airtel Care and submit a photocopy of the FIR alongwith your identification proofs. They’ll verify the details, and then probably ask for 5 numbers where you called the most.

Once everything is done, they’ll give you an application form. Fill the application and submit. You’ll be given a fresh SIM card of the same lost Airtel number. You’ve to pay Rs 25 for the issued duplicate SIM.

The SIM would activate in 2-3 hours.

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