Forward Facebook chat messages to friends (or anyone else)

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Just like Gmail, Facebook chats are also stored for future reference.

Facebook allows you to mail all those older chat messages to anyone on web. You can forward it to your friends on Facebook, or to any email id(gmail, yahoo, hotmail etc).

Moreover, you have the option to forward either the entire chat log or selected portions of it in the email.

Here is the stepwise procedure for forwarding Facebook chat messages to friends on web,

  1. Login to your Facebook profile and goto your messages. Select conversation by clicking the friend’s name.

    goto messages and select conversation

  2. Once selected, click the Action tab at the top of messages, against the name of whom you’ve exchanged messages. Click Forward.

    click forward in actions tab

  3. Next, select messages that you want to forward. Once all are selected, click Forward.

    select facebook chat messages and forward

  4. A box pops up. Enter Facebook username or email ids of people whom you want to forward messages. Write message below it and click Send.

    email all facebook chat messages

You can forward these messages to both Facebook users as well as non-Facebook users.

This will forward your selected messages. If receiver is a Facebook user, he/she will see this message in his/her Facebook profile. For others, an email containing these messages is sent.

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