Facebook, Google and Future of Online Marketing for Business Promotion

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If you are wondering why these days, you are not getting as many calls for product orders from your customers?  And, why the supposedly luring advertisements of your brand in the top-selling magazines don’t seem to make the same impact they used to make before, you need to know this thing that the marketing techniques for business are changing.

facebook,google and future of online marketing

It seems that a lot of things related to online marketing have changed so much in the last ten years. It’s a whole new scenario in the marketing world, nowadays. Gone are the days when paper-marketing used to lure customers into the brands and products. Gone are also the days when magazines and newspapers used to rule the marketing world. It’s all gone digital these days. We have digital magazines, digital newspapers, and on top of all, the social sites like facebook are on the minds of everyone.

Advertising through magazines and newspapers has become less effective but “cost effective” too as compared to online marketing, nowadays. It’s so costly to place an advertisement in a magazine or a newspaper in comparison to the online marketing platforms. And, that is why; most of the companies have veered into the direction of internet for the advertising. The means of communication have changed a lot nowadays.

Facebook and marketing

There are a number of social networking sites, and almost everyone can be seen to be having an account on facebook, myspace or any of thousands of them out there. With the social sites bandwagon screaming loud, many people are joining the social websites like the facebook and with that, these sites have also become the marketing hub for various companies.

online marketing for business using facebook

Facebook has become one of the most popular social sites currently. And with the help of this website, so easily, you can have a wider range of viewers for your products. Facebook provides various tools so that you can customize your company’s pages so. The tools which facebook provides can help you attract and convince the people towards your products and services from different regions and places. However, you want to keep yourself up-to-date with the current marketing methods before entering into the world of online marketing.

When you get your company’s page on facebook, you can make friends too for your own treasure. Adding more and more friends widens your web of your connections and your friends will help you to promote your products and your business.

When you are on facebook, you don’t want to turn and try to get as many connections and friends as possible. Facebook is all about networking and more networks of your business mean more customers and more profit.

One powerful way to attract customers to your company’s page or the account is to generate beautiful applications and games to your page. With these applications, more people will be attracted and will see your page. You can get the link to your facebook’s page on the other sites too, so they can either “like” your page or can see them.

Google dependence

Among the big leaders in the marketing world, one is our highly personalized, personal favorite search engine Google. Google posses about 90% of the market share of the UK market. Even though there are various search engines like the Bing or Yahoo which can affect the rankings of websites, still most of the companies don’t even care about the traffic stats of these sites.

using google ads for online marketing for business

Most of the businesses are entirely dependent on the Google instead of distributing their budgets of marketing in many other, independent service providing companies. Absolute Google dependence is not a smart idea because in case Google penalized your business right away then your company may go back to 11th page instead of the first page in a moment. Its better use the services offered by other vendors also like the Bing and yahoo.

The future of online marketing is actually extremely encouraging and bright. The online marketing world is expanding and growing remarkably fast. It is believed that by the end of the year 2011, most of the phones used by the US viewers will be replaced by the smart phones, and the broadband is also increasing at a considerable rate every year. The advantages of online marketing are essentially the facility and pocket-friendliness, so the market is bound to be ever-growing for the companies.

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