Express Love using Social Media Sites by YouTube videos, Facebook updates and Blogposts

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Love has embraced us in many forms- father, mother, brother, sister, wife… and many more. In the hassle and tussle of life, they provide the much required peace of mind and help us enjoy life to the fullest. By expressing your love, relationship can be rejuvenated to keep it healthy and strong. In the era dominated by social media, expressing your love using social networking sites is a good option. It’s innovative, interactive and most importantly, cost effective.

using social networking sites to express love

We will discuss some innovative ways to let the world know of your ‘fever of love’.

  1. MetaCafe and YouTube Videos

    It’s the best way to express love, you can record video and post on YouTube and MetaCafe, all for free. It ensures a much wider audience in a very less time. A video can reach thousands of views in a week. Videos have greater appeal than display ads. You can also add videos in forums, blogs and websites to draw more audience.

  2. Facebook Sharing and Tweeting on Twitter

    Another way to express you feelings by sharing videos, greetings and images on Facebook. Let others to view and comment on it. You can also bombard twitter with your love story sliced into 140 word sentences. Social networking site like MySpace and Orkut offer you to send e-greetings and messages to your peer.

    innovative way of expressing love using twitter

  3. Blog Post on Social Media

    Writing a nice piece on your love life and experiences is a nice idea to try. Posting it to reddit, digg, or on your website can make it available for a reasonable size of audience. Blend some quotes, and satirical lines to make your love story appear much lively on social media platforms.

    express love using blogposts in social media websites

  4. Launching Campaigns, Communities and Groups

    Launch campaigns or create communities and groups can be an innovative way of expressing you love to near and dear ones. You can let people join and provide their useful inputs. Poking, asking questions, discussion can draw attention of most. Enjoying in group is fun, you know!

    social networking website facebook community to express love

  5. Updates and Status

    You can let others know of your feelings through Facebook updates or by headlining in chat status of Gmail, Yahoo and others. Moreover you can temporarily change your profile picture and profile details just to notify more and more people. Changing Twitter’s background image is also a good option to try to express love.

    gmail status to express love

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