Download and Install firebug addon to mozilla firefox:Stepwise instructions

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You can find a huge range of addons for Firefox browser to install and use. Firebug is one such awesome Firefox addon for web developers. It can let you edit and make changes to any website on the go. You can alter anything from HTML code to CSS and JavaScript coding of a website. If you want to change the Google or Facebook website design, you can do it with simple displacement of codes. Its among the top 10 Mozilla addons of all time.

Downloading and installing Firebug addon to Firefox is the first step before going further. Lets see how to get on with Firebug Mozilla addon with stepwise instructions,

  1. Open Mozilla web browser and download Firebug. Here we are on the Firebug addon page. Click ‘Add to Firefox’ to start the firebug addon for mozilla firefox
  2. Your browser will ask for your permission. Click allow to proceed.firebug mozilla addon asks for permission, click allow to download
  3. Installation starts, you can see the progress bar on the Mozilla browser.start downloading firebug addon for mozilla firefox
  4. Once downloading is completed, Firefox browser again asks for installation permission. Click ‘Install Now’ to install Firebug to Mozilla Firefox.install firefox addon firebug to web browser
  5. Once installed, browser asks for restart. Hit ‘Restart Now’ or just close the browser and start it again.mozilla firefox addon will be installed after restarting browser
  6. Restart browser and you’re ready to use the Firebug Firefox addon.

Check if Firebug Mozilla addon is installed correctly

You can check for the status of addon (if problematic installation) at Firefox > addons > extensions.

check if mozilla addon firefox is successfully installed

Another way to check if Firebug addon to Firefox is installed correctly is by going to any website, say, press right click anywhere on the webpage. If you can see ‘Inspect Element’ in the list, then you have successfully installed Firebug addon to Firefox.

check if firebug is working as mozilla addon

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