How to do online railway reservation through

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Indian Railways website for online reservation, allow users to book railway ticket  directly from home without lining in long queues.

In the tutorial, we see how to do online railway reservation through

[Before we start, make sure you’ve already registered with irctc and have a username and password.]

Stepwise guide to book Railway ticket online

1. First login to with your username and password. Site is often busy, so login might take some time.

2. Next, enter the start and end stations. Type full name of stations if you don’t know the code. You’ll see the station code as you type. If you can’t see this, get your station code here.

Enter date of journey. Keep everything else untouched and click ‘Go’.

[Change ‘General’ to ‘Tatkal’ if you want to do a tatkal ticket]

first search trains to do online railway reservation using irctc

3. You’ll see list of trains on right side. Choose desired class to see the berth availability. If berth is available, click ‘Book’.

click book to book railway ticket online

4. Enter passenger details – name,  age, sex and preferred berth. Leave everything else untouched.

Enter captcha code and click ‘Go’.

[If you only want a particular berth, say lower berth then you can check the second radio button below ‘Consider Auto Upgradation’]

passenger details to do online railway reservation

5. Next re-check all the entered details and click ‘Make Payment’.

click make payment to do online railway reservation using irctc

6. Select your preferred payment option. Here we’ve chosen Net Banking with SBI.

make payment using netbanking to book railway ticket

7. You’ll be taken to SBI’s netbanking portal for payment. Login with your netbanking account.

netbanking payment to complete online railway reservation using irctc

8. After successful login, you’ll be asked for payment confirmation. Click ‘confirm’ wherever asked.

9. When payment is successfully transferred, you’ll be navigated back to irctc’s website and your online railway reservation ticket will be shown.

You can either take a printout or snapshot of it and carry with you while travelling. You can also save the ticket to your computer pressing CTRL+S.

online railway reservation done using irctc

10. That’s all. Your ticket is successfully booked.

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