Tips, Tricks and Tweaks

Simplest way to create and run a virtual OS on a USB flash drive

Want to install and run your software, manage your stuff, such as files, folders, bookmarks, desktop settings on a virtualized environment independent of the host computer? Do you imagine to carry your own personal system and software with you on a USB flash drive, removable hard disk or iPod device so that you can have access to your own stuff? … Continue reading

Tips to Buy Shared Web Hosting

Buying a web hosting package turns into immediate needs as soon one decide upon to run a website. Web Hosting is something responsible to drive a website over World Wide Web; it’s crucial to keep your site running, same as a piston is crucial to drive a rail engine. Most of the time web site owners start web site business … Continue reading

3 ways to speed-up laptop by 50percent (that works!)

Speeding up a laptop is one thing that everyone looks for. Basically, speed depends on laptop processor and the size of RAM installed. Processor is the engine and RAM works as a support to it. For speedy performance, you obviously should have faster processor and bigger sized RAM. But there are some fine ways that can help you in achieving … Continue reading

Useful CMD tricks and commands

That wretched black window with a broken white font gives more scares than be of any use, right?…Wrong. Though not exactly user-friendly, the Command prompt can sometimes prove to be of help.  First things first. How do you run cmd? Press the ‘windows-key + r’ combination and type ‘cmd’ in the Run box. But what if the utility is blocked … Continue reading