Tips, Tricks and Tweaks

Boost gaming performance in Windows

We are living in a modern computer world where laptops get outdated in every 3-6 months as new and higher configuration systems are replacing old one rapidly.Same is applicable to gaming performance of systems.Higher capacity processors,RAM and GPUs are becoming more popular with time.   If you look into common configuration of systems year-wise;you will notice that its doubling each … Continue reading

Create website shortcuts on desktop

How do you visit a website? Probably you first start the browser, enter url and wait till the page loads. It’s a simple but 2 step process. Today we tell a cool trick to open a website directly from your desktop by creating its shortcut. To do this, 1. Open notepad and type in Start chrome.exe “” 2. Save the file … Continue reading

Exclusive trick to resume broken download links from IDM

We all know Internet Download Manager (IDM) is the most powerful and popular downloader.But how you feel when you have already downloaded a large part of a big file (say 60% to 99%) and IDM says…..ERROR-link broken..can’t resume etc…although it was a resumeable download link?Definitely you feel like throwing your system.Same was the case with me but I’ve discovered a … Continue reading

Best Firefox performance tweaks to make Firefox faster

Firefox is the best browser for all purpose from web development to all official works. But most of you may not be happy with its speed.Though speed of Firefox improved a lot from Firefox 4 and above but still it lags behind Google Chrome. Today I’ll tell you about Firefox tweaks that you need to make in Firefox 11 and … Continue reading

Browse internet faster on slow internet connection (in India)

Internet connection in India are often so slow that your can go for a tea-break before a webpage loads completely. Internet users always face slow internet connections, especially those people living in congested areas as they do not have access to broadband services. If you are one of them and having the same problem, here are simple and effective tips … Continue reading

Get easy shutdown options for windows 8

Are you on windows 8 but not happy with its shutdown options?Although there are millions of Microsoft’s Windows 8 CP users around the world today but most of them are missing the start button and easy shutdown options of old windows versions. Today I’ll tell you about getting easy shutdown options in windows 8.For getting cascading start button in windows … Continue reading

How to increase and optimize laptop’s battery life

We all desire for a good laptop battery life in daily use and also its own longevity. Here I present you with several tips and tricks to optimize battery life without damaging your laptops. First to get a power efficiency report: Click Start, type CMD, right click cmd.exe and click Run as Administrator. On the command line, type powercfg -energy to view a power efficiency report. this … Continue reading

How to remove/edit annoying Windows 8 Consumer Preview watermark

Are you getting annoyed by looking at Windows 8 CP watermark? Want to see a cleaner desktop in windows 8? I will tell you the simplest way to remove Windows 8 CP watermark  in a few seconds.Moreover you may edit and write your name in place of that. My WCP Watermark Editor Its a simple tool designed to remove or … Continue reading

Tips to Choose an SEO Friendly Hosting

SEO i.e. Search Engine Optimization is essential to make appear your website on search results of search engines like Google, Yahoo, Ask, Bing, Technorati etc. Hosting plays vital role in SEO of a website. Here are tips to choose SEO Friendly Web Hosting. You require facility to redirect URLs- A website can be opened typing or Both for … Continue reading

Autoload thousands of Facebook feeds using a simple JavaScript code

To see more Facebook feeds, you need to navigate down in a Facebook page. This is gruesome, or a desi-style I should say. But there is one trick that allows you to autoload feeds without going the traditional way. You can also reach to the last post if you keep the script executing till it stops. Here is the code that I’ve … Continue reading

How to combine Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus

Most of you might be busy comparing Google+ with Twitter and Facebook and trying to figure out which one is the best to use. However, the good news is that you need not choose one among them. You can use all of them simultaneously. If you are thinking managing so many different accounts is painstaking. Relax! I present you with a … Continue reading

Increase Facebook friends: Proven ways that really works!

Having more than 500 friends is like being a superstar on web. People does different things to increase Facebook friends. Some work while some doesn’t. Here we provide some proven ways to increase Facebook friends, Send friend request to all your real life friends The very first thing to do after arriving on Facebook is to add all your family … Continue reading