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TweakNow HD-Analyzer: Analyze the space of your hard disk for free

Whether you bought a new hard disk or have already installed a huge capacity hard drive to your system what you always wonder is about where the space of your multi-gigabyte, or even terabyte, drive has gone? The voluminous hard disk that seemed like it would last forever has become full. To free up your hard disk space you need … Continue reading

USB Safely Remove: Faster, Safer And Easier Method To Remove USB Devices

USB Safely Remove is a USB device manager that saves time and extends USB remove/reconnect task functionalities. It is highly customizable small software through which you can hide devices from accidental stopping, rename them or assign images to find the required device in a few seconds. Suppose you stopped your device and again want to transfer some data to stopped device then … Continue reading

How to encrypt pen drive data using TrueCrypt [Part-1]

TrueCrypt is a freeware that encrypts data in computer as well as external storage device like a Pen Drive. TrueCrypt security is unbreakable and data can only be read by person having a 20 character long alphanumeric password. To know more about TrueCrypt, its feature and how it works, you can refer our previous article ‘Encrypt files, folders and drives with TrueCrypt, … Continue reading

How To Convert FAT32 TO NTFS File System Without Formatting/Loosing Data

Often we need to convert file system of our hard disk/external storage devices like pen drives etc. for better compatibility with our OS or softwares. But the herculean problem that arises during conversion of file system in our storage devices is saving the data and converting the file system without formatting the device/drive. Today I’ll tell you how to convert … Continue reading

Kingsoft Office 2012: Best free alternative to M.S. Office

Although Microsoft Office is the best office suite and dominates all other office software suites, there are number of free alternatives that do its job well. Kingsoft Office 2012 is one of them and is the exact clone of Microsoft Office 2010. Kingsoft Office Free offers three programs-Writer, Spreadsheets, and Presentation which compete with Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, respectively. … Continue reading

Best Free Vocal Removers: Eliminate Vocals From Your Favorite Songs

You might have imagined while  listening to a song that how it would be if you could remove the vocals. The art of eliminating the human voice from music tracks is notoriously difficult to do – but it can be done. 100% vocals removal is not possible by any means because of varying factors, such as compression, stereo image separation, … Continue reading

Shutdown computer using pen drive

This post is for information purpose only. Basically we don’t need to execute this process as we can shutdown computer directly in easy steps. Here are the steps to automate computer shutdown using a pen drive, 1. Firstly get a pen drive, make file called ‘autorun.inf’ and write following code in it, [Autorun] open=c:\windows\system32\shutdown -s -f -t 30 That’s all, … Continue reading

How to open, create and save .ico files in Photoshop?

Adobe Photoshop is great software for graphic designers. It provides almost all functionality to design killer images, icons, templates, posters and many more things. But have you noticed that Photoshop don’t provide support to .ico (Windows Icon) files. You can’t open them or create them. .ico files, though less used but are important in certain circumstances like creating favicon image … Continue reading

How to add custom icon to Pen Drive?

Pen drive or the USB drives are portable form of computer memory. When you plug it to your computer you see the same old icon for all drives – including pen drive. Lets make itinteresting by customizing the entire thing. How about adding a custom icon for pen drive? Nice idea isn’t it. Lets do this, First get an icon … Continue reading

Create desktop shortcuts for favorite websites

While I was juggling around with the Chrome 12 browser, I found some great features. Some are how easily it allows conversion of webpage to PDF for offline reading and setting of multiple homepages on startup. One great feature we’ll be discussing today is how to create desktop shortcuts of favorite websites and weblinks. These shortcuts appear on the desktop … Continue reading

Open your favorite websites on browser startup

All browsers allow you to set a homepage, a page that you like to visit more often than others. But with Google Chrome, you can set multiple websites – Google, Facebook, Yahoo and many others to open on browser startup. All websites would open up in different tabs of the same browser window. To use the feature, user need to … Continue reading

How to recover all lost blogs in 5 minutes

You own a website. Its running fine and all of a sudden it went offline. All the data – articles, blogs, apps, everything is lost. What to do? How to recover the lost blogs and other data? If you’re facing such a situation then take a deep breath as you can recover all the deleted blogs in minutes. Google, yes that famous … Continue reading