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5 Most Expensive Laptops in Indian Market

Passion has no boundary and when it comes to owning an electronic gadget, money knows no boundaries. While cheap laptops are popular in Indian market, high end laptops being more powerful and fast-performing also have an immense potential. Let us have a look at some expensive laptops that are favorite of gadget lovers: 1. Dell-Alienware M17x (Core 2 Extreme QX9300) … Continue reading

Increase Adsense Income of Website by placing Google Adsense Code correctly

Making money from website seems adventurous and a bit non-practical initially but when you’ll read the success stories of professional bloggers you’d fancy having a website and making money from it. A website makes money from the ads it displays and services that it offers. If you own a website, now it’s the time to think seriously about placing Google … Continue reading

Top Domain Registrars and Hosting Service Providers in India

Domain registration is an industry in India that has been growing steadily over time. With hundreds of new domain registrars who offer licensing and hosting services, an aspiring domain owner is spoilt for choice. However some services are better than others in terms of what they offer their customers. To get a measure of who’s who of the domain registration … Continue reading

Difference between CAPTCHA and reCAPTCHA in Objective, Tagline and Security

CAPTCHA and reCAPTCHA are developed to protect websites from machine generated attacks called bots. There is practically no difference between CAPTCHA and reCAPTCHA. Their sole objective is to ensure that machine don’t use what is meant for human – like posting comments, registration to a website etc. The difference lies in objective, working behind the scene and security. Reduce human … Continue reading

Security threats of Cloud Computing based servers

Would you like losing direct control over systems carrying your important data? Cloud Computing is undoubtedly a technology revolution providing amazing cloud services at a reduced cost. Cloud server hosts very low sensitive personal and critical business information and threat to such data is enough to take your breath away. Before you think of shifting your data to a cloud … Continue reading