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What Google think of girls

No man could know what’s in women’s mind but Google can. Recently, while I was hovering around the Google search I found something very interesting. My findings compelled me to tap on Google’s back as search results were so very much close to what boys think, This blog is fun! Leg-pulling material for girls, on boys coming very soon.

Why use Google logo/trademark carefully

Yesterday I came to know of a very important thing regarding the correct use of Google logo and trademarks in websites. We bloggers, sometimes use logo of Google and its services in a way that’s not allowed by Google in its terms of use. You might not have seen people getting penalized due to such violation but the day is … Continue reading

What Google thinks of India and Pakistan

Google suggest is an awesome feature that helps us getting auto-suggestions when a search query is typed. You must have seen many rib-ticking stuff on internet when Google suggest gave some funny, sometimes weird results, today we’ll gonna find out what Google suggests or ‘thinks of’ when type-in queries with India and Pakistan included. Lets have a a look, And … Continue reading

Alexa Sparky addon for Mozilla Firefox

When installed in Firefox browser, Alexa Sparky addon provide details of a website’s alexa ranking, traffic statistics, website reviews and more. Alexa’s extension runs as you browse internet and provides you with Alexa data about the visited sites without interrupting your browsing experience. Using Sparky you can, Get website traffic trends and remain updated of its Alexa ranking each day to see … Continue reading

How to search by image in Google to get identical images

Google rolled out ‘search by image’ feature that will allow users to search for identical images directly by dragging and dropping an image onto the Google search bar. Here are four most thirsty topics on the latest addition by Google, How to use Google search by image feature How to refine search results Image search results from Google Use of … Continue reading

Linux Applications Explorer: Polly will always try it’s best to bring you the latest content. So today we are starting a weekly series which will introduce you to many of the latest linux applications. So today we are going to introduce you to a cool twitter client ‘Polly’. It’s to be noted that Polly is under active development so many of the features … Continue reading

Some Useful and Basic Commands For Linux Newbies

If you’re a newbie who wants to try out Linux or already using Linux in your system then it’ll be good for you to know some basic but very useful Linux commands before you enter into the world of Linux. It can save a lot of time, trouble and occasional headache. So let’s see how, The ‘man’ command You first, ‘man’ command shows … Continue reading

How to respond to a Google AdSense DMCA notice?

Received an email from Google over copyright infringement? If yes, then you must act faster and smarter as you have just 10 days to deal with the issue. Google usually informs an AdSense publisher when a copyright violation case is brought forward by DMCA (Digital Millenuim Copyright Act) and informed to Google. It’s important to note that Google can terminate an … Continue reading

Why Privacy policy is must for Google AdSense publishers

Okay, if you’re having an AdSense account but no privacy policy page on your website then you must add one before Google terminates your account. As per the latest Google AdSense terms, a website must hold correct privacy policy information to ensure a visitor is aware of his details, the website is storing. Privacy policy is a piece of information that states … Continue reading

Top 10 most annoying things when you’re online

Indeed, the world of internet is awesome, addictive and seductive, sometimes. It swiftly embraced our lives; made it user friendly yet there are things that can infuriate when you’re online. Here we enlist such annoying problems that we entangle almost each and everyday, Internet Connectivity You’re chatting with your friend on some spicy topic and all of a sudden wifi goes off. … Continue reading

5 Linux command line apps that still rock

Today everybody is talking about UI/UX. Those who come from windows background have a habit of using every application through it’s GUI. Here we’ll discuss 5 Linux command line applications that are still worthy to know, and can be used when resources are limited. These applications don’t eat up a large amount of computer resources as they require much less memory and are very responsive unlike … Continue reading

Links to download windows 8 developer preview

Microsoft’s new baby, Windows 8 is not rolled out in the market but its available on Microsoft’s website for developers. But if you’re thinking of bursting into the website in search of windows 8 then its not that easy my dear friend, so just to make your life a bit easier below we provide links to 3 different versions of the latest windows 8 operating … Continue reading