Rebuilt WinX DVD Ripper Platinum Review & Holiday Giveaway

winx dvd ripper platinum giveawayFinally! The up-to-the-minute WinX DVD Ripper Platinum came to us in this Thanksgiving holiday. After 5 months’ developing, this No.1 fast DVD ripper has been redesigned with brand-new UI which is more user-friendier and clearer. Besides that, impressive new features have been added too.

Here are some of them of the additions in the latest release,

  1. Rebuilt core. It will now be a lot faster and more stable than the older versions.
  2. Newly added 300+ output profiles, including iPad mini, iPhone 5, Surface tab, Galaxy S3, WP8 phone/pad, Kindle Fire, Huawei phone/pad, Lenovo phone/pad, etc. Now this DVD ripper is able to fully support 350+ output profiles, covering the most popular devices from Apple, Samsung, Sony, Google, Microsoft, etc.
  3. Support merging of files, clipping of video clips etc.
  4. Efficient ripping of copyright protected DVD’s.
  5. Convert DVD to AVI, MP4, MPEG, WMV, FLV, iPhone, Android, HTC, Samsung etc.
  6. Convert DVD to ISO image on the fly. Clone full title/main DVD content.

You can get a full list of features on the WinX DVD Ripper Platinum here.

How to backup a DVD movie with rebuilt WinX DVD Ripper Platinum?

Firstly download WinX DVD Ripper Platinum. One thing to note here is, its the sole link to grab this newest version for Thanksgiving giveaway. All users can take advantage of it to upgrade your DVD rippers.

Step 1: Run WinX DVD Ripper Platinum on your PC after installing.

Step 2: Load source DVD by clicking the DVD button. You can also load an ISO Image file or a DVD folder as sources.

backup a copyright protected DVD movie

Step 3: Select output profiles. The developer has re-organized the output profiles and sorted them to DVD Backup Profile, Device Profile, Web Video Profile and Common Video/Music profile. It will save your effort in choosing profiles. Another sweetie design is the Recently Used Profile section. It records your DVD ripping history so you can easily find them.

Here let’s select Full Title Copy in the DVD Backup Profile.

Note: If your DVD is protected, WinX DVD Ripper Platinum will auto select the main movie title for you. It supports removing DVD encryption including CSS, RCE, UOP, Sony ArccOS, Disney X-project DRM, etc.

faster dvd ripping with winx dvd ripper platinum software

Step 4: Set a destination to save the ripped DVD movie by clicking “Browse” or “Open” at the bottom.

set location for ripped file

Step 5: Click “Run” to start ripping DVD. It delivers faster DVD ripping speed.

winx dvd ripper freeware

If you like to get this rebuilt WinX DVD Ripper Platinum, please visit this Thanksgiving Giveaway page. Offer ends on Nov. 27.

All you want to know about Windows 8 final build: New features, Performance, and Customizations-Part1

It’s only three years since Windows 7 hit the scene and now we have the all new Windows 8  final build to sparkle in our Windows 7 enabled systems. A lot of things have changed since Windows 7 launch. Back in 2009, there was no such thing as an i Pad. Today Apple and Android devices are all around, not just as an entertainment device but also as serious business machines. The stratospheric success of  Android tablets and mobiles was a huge challenge to Windows desktops and portable devices and thus, such necessity lead to the birth of Windows 8.

Windows 8, Windows 8 tablets, windows 8 professional

Amazing for touch enabled devices:

Windows 8 on the right configuration system is sleek, sharp, faster and a good OS with satisfying performance. Windows 8 aims OS’s appeal across the spectrum of touch enabled devices and thus metro tiles came into picture.

It will definitely impress you with ultra sleek panning, scrolling, dragging and zooming.  You can easily group your apps and would love to flick left and right in start menu. Windows 8 tablets will have a hardware button to get back to start menu whenever the user is willing to do so.

Older systems are also compatible:

Windows 8 is amazing with touch tablets and laptops but at the same time its also good for older systems. You need not to worry if you can’t afford a new Windows 8 enabled device. To experience Windows 8 all what you need is a system which fulfills following minimum system requirements-

  • Processor: 1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster with support for PAE, NX, and SSE2 (more info)
  • RAM: 1 gigabyte (GB) (32-bit) or 2 GB (64-bit)
  • Hard disk space: 16 GB (32-bit) or 20 GB (64-bit)
  • Graphics card: Microsoft DirectX 9 graphics device with WDDM driver

To check if your PC meets these requirements, you can run the Upgrade Assistant. If consumers order Windows 8 online they will get a detailed download and installation instructions, with the Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant so that it can warn you about program and hardware compatibility issues, or you can directly buy a DVD.

Windows 8 upgrade @ Rs.699/- for new laptops/desktops bought between June 2012 and January 2013:

  • All qualifying Windows 7 PC purchase between 2nd June 2012 and 31st January 2013 is eligible for this offer.
  • The last day to register and order your Windows 8 upgrade is 28 February 2013.

For further information regarding this offer visit: Windows upgrade offer.

For live experience of Windows 8 and watching videos visit: Windows 8 start.

Windows 8 is free for students and academicians:

Like other professional softwares and OS of Microsoft, Windows 8 is also freely available with genuine key for students and academicians of schools and colleges through Microsoft Dream Spark. Contact the technical support team of your school/college for getting your registration ID and password for Microsoft Dream Spark and visit Dream Spark website to get any Microsoft Professional paid software for free of cost and genuine license after registration.

Windows 8 editions:

At present Windows 8 is available in three different packages for home and professional users with 32bit (X86) and 64bit (X64) editions-

  • Windows 8 RT
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 8 Professional
You can get detailed comparisons from : Windows 8 compare editions.
windows8, windows 8 professional, windows 8 RT
Windows 8 editions comparison

Further detailed information about Windows 8 new features, performance, and customization coming soon in our upcoming post as ‘part-2’. We recommend Windows 8 over Windows 7 for its better optimized operations and performance.

For any queries and help related to our tricks and tips or related to computer hardwares/softwares please comment on our Facebook page ;We will reply as soon as possible.

Top 10 Websites to Watch Bollywood Movies Online for Free

Whenever we talk about the biggest love of Indians, Bollywood gives a strong competition to Cricket. No Indians can imagine their life without Bollywood movies. Ask any person and everyone will have a story about how they stood for hours in queue to get tickets for their favorite movie or how they paid thrice the price of the ticket just to get a glimpse of their favorite superstar.

However, now the trend is changing. Online movie ticket booking websites have made it easier to book movie tickets with just few clicks. And if that doesn’t sound interesting enough, you will be thrilled to know that you can now watch several blockbusters online at absolutely no cost. There are several websites that have hundreds of blockbusters movie in their database, which you can watch completely free of cost.

watch bollywood movies online for free

Let us have a look at the top ten websites offer free Bollywood movies for their viewers –

  1. YouTube is not just about short-length videos. Visit and see a whole array of Bollywood movies, videos and TV shows. Search your favorite movie by name or by going into the category. All movies are in high quality and buffering is very fast. It’s the best option for watching Bollywood movies for free. All you need is a broadband connection or any connection that’s better than Dial-up connection.
  2. Just like its name it has connected all the Bollywood fans of the nation staring from Kashmir to Kanyakumari and Gujarat to Arunachal Pradesh. It is one of the fastest growing website of its niche and offers latest releases with verified links throughout. For uninterrupted view one can try this one for sure. The best thing about the site is the huge collection it offers.
  3. People loving the retro eras of Bollywood would love this portal as almost every movie from the 70s and 80s can be found here. Also, the collection is not only limited to Hindi movies. Almost every regional language in which there are popular cinemas in India can be watched in this site and that too for free. The buffering time is also minimal. This one is really a great option for watching free movies.
  4.  It is one of the most viable option in the entire list. As soon as you log into the website, you can find list of Hindi, Telugu, English, Malayalam and Punjabi Movie choices. You can browse and find hundreds of movies in each of these languages. The best thing is that, the database of the website is updated on a regular basis and several new movies are uploaded daily.
  5. Thousands of Bollywood movies are in this site and you will simply love the navigation of this website as well. The simplistic design of the website makes the searching very user-friendly. Video streaming speed is also considerably better than some other sites of the competition.
  6. The newest member in our list is that allows movie buffs to watch Bollywood movies online for free. Without any doubt the picture quality of movies listed in this site is much better than the many of the competing sites. All the latest movies are added immediatey in this website. You will surely love this website.
  7. For viewing eternal classics like Umrao Jaan, Sholay and many other films, several movie-lovers have bookmarked this website in their browser. The site is like a gold mine where almost all the real gems of Hindi cinema can be found and enjoyed.
  8. Being 8th in the list doesn’t mean the website is less useful. It is a great website for watching high quality Bollywood movies online. It is one website that has maintained its reputation by showcasing only high-quality movies of all time in their portal. It believes in delivering quality over quantity.
  9. Watch Bollywood movies from a site having the certificate to offer online movies link. All the movies uploaded in this portal are from licensed distributors. You can watch high-quality, original DVD print in this website in different languages.
  10. If you love quality prints and do not mind paying a small amount, this website is for you. You can watch any movie for a meagre sum of INR 49/- and the best thing is that the movie can be watched for 7 days. It contains real DVD prints of hundreds of movie in different languages.


15 Famous Celebrities who Found Success after Failures and Rejections

There is a famous proverb saying ‘Most people give up when they are very near to success” and successful are those who surpass this. People who fight their misfortunes and strive hard to achieve their dreams are the ones who eventually find success. Success is not something which you can achieve with drop of a dime. Hard work, determination, and desire to walk extra mile are the factors that determine your success.

In today’s post, we bring to you a list of 15 famous celebrities who have found success after going through a series of failures and rejections. After being neglected by the world and left broken, they never allowed destiny to take control of their life. With their untiring efforts, dedication and undying spirit, they turned the time in their favor and ultimately rose to become what they are today. We salute their spirit.

1. Michael Jordan

Very few people know that the great basketball player was not selected in his high school basketball team due to lack of potential.  After being rejected he went to his home, locked himself in room and cried the entire day. Many of us would do the same, forget about the fact and carry on with our life. However, what he did next is something to lookout for. He took it as a challenge for himself, went out, practiced lot harder, and came back with more chutzpah to become one of the most famous basketball player for American national team.

2. Steve Jobs

After starting a company at a very young age, he was unceremoniously exited from his own company at the age of 30. He was left devastated and depressed. However, he was someone who was not scared of starting from the scratch all over again. He did, again. He used his anger only to prepare himself to stage a grand comeback with ‘Apple’. Now people swear by his company’s products and iPhones, iPads and iPods have become a part of our life. Today Steve Jobs is an iconic figure and everyone wants to emulate him.

3. Walt Disney

He co-founded ‘The Walt Disney Company’ (formerly known as Walt Disney Productions)  after being fired from the job at a newspaper agency for his lack of imagination and original ideas. Getting fired from a job can dent anybody’s confidence, more-so if fired for such a reason, it can break even the strongest of persons. But Walt Disney was different. With iconic characters like Mickey Mouse, he showed not only his former employer but entire world about his imaginative skills.

4. Oprah Winfrey

The most celebrated media personality has a black past. Her childhood was spent in poverty. She was raped at the age of 9, and got pregnant at 13. She came back and became a news anchor but was later demoted for being not fit for television. She rose again, and now is the highest paid media personality in the world with a salary of $290 million per annum.

5. Albert Einstein

Unlike most children, he didn’t speak till he was 4 years old. When he started studies, he failed in Grade 1st and his teachers were never too optimistic whether he would even be able to complete his studies. But the man has different thoughts in mind. He proved the teachers wrong and went on to give world a series of theories and formulas like e = mc2 that even the greatest of scholars find difficult to prove.

6. Eminem

Initial days of the pop icon were spent in poverty where he struggled for life’s basic needs. Then he fell into the trap of drugs and was dropped out of school which forced him into an unsuccessful suicide attempt. Despite so much negativity in life, he came out as a legendry pop icon.

7. The Beatles

The most famous band in the history of music was once rejected by a music company called Decca Recording Studios saying their music is crappy and the band has no future in the same genre. And years later, there came a time when the music releases of the same studio never culminated the size of audience that every single show of Beatles did.

8. Colonel Sanders

The brand KFC was a small startup with only 1 employee, Sanders himself. He started his dream when he was 65 with just 105$ in hand. He used to go to every restaurant and house to offer his chickens, and sleep in his car when his work gets over. He got many rejections. He got his first Yes after a disheartening 1009 Nos.

9. Vincent Van Gogh

The famous painter has worked on more than 800 painting. Nobody liked his paintings when he was alive and he sold only one in his entire lifetime and that too to one of his friend. And now, everyone wants to buy them. His most expensive painting is valued over 142 million. Just multiply it with 800 and see the figure it reaches.

10. JK Rowling

The author of Harry Potter had her manuscript rejected several times. Many rejected it without reading the complete novel. But she kept her head high, and continued to knock on the doors of the publishers. Finally, Barry Cunningham from Bloomsbury agreed to publish the book but asked her to provide other services as well. Would have she succeeded if denied the proposal or stopped after a few refusals. She went the extra yard, took the pain and humility of rejection, and that’s why she one the most celebrated authors in the world. She is the first author to become billionaire by selling books.

11. Steven Spielberg

The director of movies like Saving Private Ryan and Jurassic Park is someone, who can teach lessons of film making to best of professors, was once denied admission in University of South California Film School. He then went to California State University and did his graduation. In 1994, he received honorary degree from the same college which rejected him once. He now has a new worth of $2.7 billion. Steven Spielberg would never be known to us if he had stopped after first rejection.

12. Bill Gates

The success story of Bill Gates is known to one and all. He was a college dropout who has seen failure of many businesses before he went on to find Microsoft. He went on to prove that you don’t need college degrees but persistence, vision, and hard work to achieve success. He is the owner of the software that revolutionized the computing world i.e. Microsoft Windows.

13. Charlie Chaplin

We think of comedy and the first name that strikes us is that of Charlie Chaplin. Although many decades old, still there is a raw yet polished charm in Charlie Chaplin that keeps us glued to our TV screens. But when Charlie Chaplin initially approached to Hollywood Studio chiefs, he was rejected saying that his comedy is brainless and would not sell.

14. Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe, who is still considered as one of most beautiful and sensual actress in Hollywood was rejected and told to pick career as a secretary.  Imagine a woman who was born to be a star being rejected and discouraged. Although, she faced a tragic death at a very young age, still she is considered as a star.

15. Oliver Stone

It is tough to believe that the first novel of three-time Oscar winning filmmaker was rejected by publishers. Even when his book was finally published in 1998, it was not successful. Oliver stone thought of giving up writing and went to Vietnam to teach English.  He was then enlisted in Vietnam army and fought a battle which gave him the inspiration for his movies which were based on wars.

If all of these famous celebrities would have taken a back step, there wouldn’t be iPads and Macs to enjoy music and do things, no Tom and Jerry and Mickey Mouse to watch and laugh, no Harry Potter to enjoy and no E=mc2 to do most vital calculations of Physics. Success always comes to one who fights bad times and never give up.

How Web 3.0 is different from Web 2.0?

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word web 3.0? For someone who is not so tech-savvy or unaware of the World Wide Web, it is simply something connected to the web. Despite spending hours and hours over the internet, most people are not aware of the evolution which World Wide Web has been through over the past few decades. To know the details clearly, let us first put some light on the glorious initial days of the World Wide Web evolution.

difference between web 1.0, web 2.0 and web 3.0

The humble beginning was seen with the arrival of web 1.0. That was the time when the entire idea of browsing Internet was limited to certain places and only to few very technical people. For example, if someone was looking for ‘Designer Shoes Online’ in web 1.0 era, then he has to literally search for it. In the results page links to only few sites in which the content or the product was available would appear. In short, the search results were not very helpful and the user did not have anyone to get second opinion from. This meant the information flow was from one end only and that was from the site owners. The users had no place to share their know-how or cross-check the information either.

Then come web 2.0 which changed the entire picture of information movement over the web. Now when someone searched for ‘Designer Shoes Online’, he started getting all kinds of results starting from online portals to social media mentions. For taking a better informed decision, the buyer now has the option to contact and ask people over various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc. Also, the demographic search got better and hence users were really getting benefited by using the search engine. This means that the information flowed from both ends in web 2.0. Both the user and site owners made the picture complete. Web 2.0 was often addressed as people power. However, even web 2.0 has its set of limitations. The information available was very much scattered and therefore people often tend to get lost in that. A person looking for ‘Designer Shoes in Delhi’ was getting links to some Chicago based company in the first page of search engine results. Now this was not at all organized and intelligent. Information over the internet should be available in a structured format so that everyone will be able to properly make use of that. This called for another revolutionary concept of semantic web in the form of web 3.0.

Web 3.0 is what future is and the core of its mechanism lies in presenting a customer with what exactly he is looking for. The best example of web 3.0 is Flipkart, as the online portal has implemented the latest technology– in their website. A person who has an account in Flipkart browses through many products. For example, if he is a music lover, then he obviously browses through music related products. Flipkart keeps a note on that and when next time this person logs in the site, Flipkart offers him suggestions on his choice of music items based on his past searches. This is when a user becomes a buyer and is really happy to find exactly what he is looking for. In short bridging the gap between information and user is what web 3.0 would be doing and in near future anyone can get use this latest technology with just one click.

9 Best Alternatives of VLC Media Player

There are very few softwares that maintain their superiority over others for such a long time, and VLC media player is one such program. It’s the second most downloaded software on sourceforge and among the top 10 softwares on

If you’re, due to some reason unhappy with VLC and want a replacement, here are the best VLC alternatives you can try,

1. Daum Pot Player

daum pot player is one the best vlc alternative

Don’t see Daum Pot Player as an alternative of VLC Media Player, in fact it can easily be a replacement. Most of you might not have heard of this but the media player is surely better than VLC in all respect including design, usability, interface and functionality. Its appearance is more like KMPlayer but its different and more feature-packed. It can play all media formats, provides automatic improvements to quality of audio and video files with GPU acceleration. Despite being a big software, it puts lesser load on CPU.

It provides more than 40 skins that closely matches the interface of other media players. Additionally, it can play upto 1000 songs back to back, can auto-resume the last 200 played files, and can automatically shutdown the computer when done. This is something not possible with VLC Media Player, through can be done using a trick.

We’ve covered this awesome software in our blog, check this Daum Pot Player a better VLC alternative article. [Download Daum PotPlayer]

2. UMPlayer

um player as vlc alternative

It’s a no brainier that Universal Media Player(UMPlayer) is designed to compete with VLC. It can play almost all file formats, has better GUI, simpler navigation and lightweight than VLC.

UMPlayer provides most features of VLC but it’s still less. Like VLC, playing streaming video, changing of aspect ratio, taking snapshot, adding of subtitles etc is possible with the media player. But there is no support to webcam, also video/audio file converter is missing, which is inbuilt in VLC Media Player.

Apart from this, UMPlayer does provides some new features, most important of which is the inbuilt search engine to search YouTube videos. Also user can play the selected video inside the player directly.

Additionally, it provides Filters that can be used to add clarity, noise and other effects to the videos. Mirror feature allows video to shift from left to right.

UMPlayer is better than VLC in most terms except for the features, which is limited. So it could be your alternative to VLC Media Player if you want something lightweight. [Download UMPlayer]

3. GOM Player

one of the best alternatives of vlc media player

Most of might have heard of GOM Player, which is the third most download media player on It supports all file formats include DAT, MPEG, DivX, XviD, WMV, ASF, AVI, and MOV. Its very much like UM Player and has a few more features. But limited support to 3gp, flv and vob files lead the player to drop down a few positions in our list.

One standout feature of GOM player is powerful customization of video. Color, brightness, hue can be altered and changes take effect in runtime, no need to start up the video again unlike most other media players.[Download GOM Player]

4. KM Player

one of the best vlc alternative is kmplayer

If you want a lightweight alternative of VLC Media Player then Korean Media Player or KMPlayer is what you need. Though its interface might appear outdated and less attractive but the media player is loaded with great features.

Like UMPlayer, Real Player and VLC it can vitrually run any popular audio and media file format. Supported video formats include AVI, MPEG 1/2/4, FLV ,ASF, MKV, DVD, rm, MP4, Xvid, DivX and H.264, and audio audio format APE, MP3, WAV, MPC, Flac, MIDI.

Also, aspect ratio can be altered to make sure you want the right size of video to view. Brightness, color and contrast can be arranged to make your image more lively. [Download KMPlayer]

5. RealPlayer

real media player one the best vlc alternative and its free

When a free pack provides the services of media player, converter and burner, it should be worth trying once. Real Player was introduced in 1995 and since then its has rose to become one of the most used media players.

Being a good alternative to VLC Media Player, RealPlayer can play streaming videos from internet. Live pausing of streaming videos is possible without affecting the buffering. Also conversion across different file formats can be done.

User can post videos to Facebook and Twitter right from the software only. Its something new for media players and only found in very few.

RealPlayer can run only limited file formats. Audio formats like mp3, wav, aiff are supported, while .mp4 and 3gp is supported only after installing additional plugins. In videos, it support vob, dat, mpeg, avi, wmv, .flv and swf.

If you want more features than just the basic ones, RealPlayer does come for 39.99$. Also RealPlayer SuperPass can be used at $4.95 per month. [Download RealPlayer]

6. Winamp

best alternative of vlc media player is winampIts difficult to find a netizen who has not used Winamp yet. The mother of all media players, Winamp is among the first media player on Windows. The lightweight alternative to VLC Media Player is available both as a freeware and shareware.

Like VLC, Winamp does provide support to almost all audio and video formats. Shareware version has extended support to more video formats and has an inbuilt cd burner and ripper for audio files.

Winamp is still by far the best media player to play audio songs because of its superior sound amplification without affecting song quality. [Download Winamp]

7. Zune

zune media player as vlc alternative

Looking for a VLC alternative with a catchy GUI then Zune media player is for you. Its a Microsoft product that’s highly reliable and has a stylish,glossy interface.

Zune allows users to build music library from audio/video files in system, from CD’s as well as from Zune Marketplace which contains a huge library of songs. Also, Zune allow users to listen songs from other PC’s as well as from internet. Its more than just a media player as it also provides file sharing.

Supported audio format includes MP3, .mp4, .mov, WMA and video format mp4, .mov, WMV and .AVI.

Apart from this, the Quickplay feature allows users to conveniently access all their favorite content and recently played media files. With Smart DJ, Zune will automatically queue up tracks according to type of song, artist and genre. [Download Zune]

8. iTunes

itunes is good alternative to vlc media player

Being an Apple product, there are good things in iTunes. The media player can read, write and convert between mp3, aiff, wav, mp4, aac files. Users can have different settings for every different song in iTunes, a feature that no other media player provides. Playback can be controlled from the dock, without expanding the window.

And a feature called iTunes DJ pick songs automatically from playlist and mix to provide a DJ effect. User can always pick and leave the songs to be played in the DJ.

The only lacking point of the software is the size. iTunes puts big pressure on the CPU when it plays a file or burns a music CD. [Download iTunes for Windows]

9. Windows Media Player

Just because it’s available free with Windows OS doesn’t mean it’s useless. Window Media Player 12 can play Mp3, 3gp, Mp4, MOV file formats, which is much more than what it supported previously.

It has an awesome GUI and could easily be your preferred media player if your audio/video files are in certain formats. By installing codecs, more files formats can be played in windows media player. With Windows 8 on the horizon, windows media player can get wings and could easily surpass other media players including VLC Media Player as more and more apps developers starts focusing on it.

There are many other good media players around. If any good one is missing from the list, please mention in comments and we’ll add it.

Extract audio from video for free using VLC media player

VLC is such a great piece of software that every now and then we find something interesting. Some days back, we posted some good blogs on VLC and one was to extract audio from video. But the discussed method was a bit lengthy and inapplicable at times. So here is one absolutely simple method to do the same.

Rip audio vocals from video

1. Open VLC media player and goto Media>Convert/Save [CTRL+R].

2. Choose the video file in the box that appears. Here we’ve selected a mp4 video file, but you can select any video format. The conversion works on all.

Select ‘Convert’ from the Convert/Save option that appear at the bottom.

extract audio from video using vlc media player-1

3. In Destination option, name file with .mp4 extension, say only-audio.mp4.

In Profile option at bottom, select ‘Audio-AAC(MP4)’ and hit start. This will convert the selected mp4 video to mp4 audio ripping off the video portion.

extract audion from vido file using VLC media player

That’s all! Now play the converted file. You’ll hear the audio only. Video ripped off.

Try this by yourself and tell us if the method worked. Using the same option you can also convert video and audio files in one format to another format.

VLC is amazing, try the following links to know more what VLC can do,

  1. Add subtitles to video using VLC
  2. Take snapshots of video using VLC
  3. Cut video using VLC media player
  4. Add logo to video using VLC
  5. 6 VLC features you probably don’t know

6 hidden features of VLC media player you probably don’t know

VLC media player is a plethora of features. Apart from playing wide range of video and audio files, it offers many amazing things. Using the player, you can record a running video and audio file, take snapshots, add logo and subtitles to a video, and do hell lot of things. We’ve discussed all these in detail in our previous blogs, here are the links for those

  1. Add subtitles to video using VLC
  2. Take snapshots of video using VLC
  3. Rip audio from video using VLC
  4. Cut video using VLC media player
  5. Add logo to video using VLC

Today we’ll digg-out some unknown things, some hidden features that you probably haven’t used yet.

1. Watch videos directly from YouTube and MetaCafe

YouTube is a tank of awesome videos. But do you know that VLC can play videos (and audios) directly from internet. Yes, you can run any video/audio file from sites like YouTube, MetaCafe, Vimeo, and others directly in VLC.

To do this, goto Media>Open Network Stream in VLC. [CTRL+N]

Copy the url of the video and paste in the input provided. Click ‘Play’ to start playing the video.

watch video from youtube in vlc

VLC first buffers the video/audio and then start playing it, so there can be some delay in playing video.

Liked this? If not, check the next one.

2. Add a complete folder in VLC playlist

Some of you would know this, but not all. Adding each and every song in playlist can sometimes be gruesome. This task can be made easier by including a complete folder to the playlist.

To do this, goto Media>Open Folder. [CTRL+F]

Select the folder and hit ‘Open’. That’s all! All files will now be include in the playlist. Enjoy the songs!

3. Run and record webcam video in VLC

Looking for software to record and take snapshots of webcam videos? Wait a minute. VLC can do this for you. It can play, record videos directly from webcam. Also color, contrast, brightness etc can be controlled pretty easily.

To see webcam video in VLC, goto Media>Open Capture Device. [CTRL+C]

Select your webcam in ‘Video Device Name’. Click ‘Play’ to see webcam video in VLC frame.

play webcam video in vlc

Still not on your toes? You’ll now be after seeing the next hidden feature of VLC.

4. Automatically close VLC and then shutdown computer

You can easily close VLC by clicking the close [X] button. But learning a unconventional, tricky way isn’t a bad idea, or Is it? In case you still don’t think that learning this idea is worthy, then how about closing VLC and then shutting down computer automatically.

Here is how you can do this,

1. Closing VLC automatically after finishing a playlist is simple. All you need to add vlc://quit in the block that appears after opening Media>Open Location From Clipboard.

Next click ‘Enqueue’. This will close VLC soon after last song in the playlist finishes.

quit vlc and shutdown computer automatically

2. Next part is to add shutdown action after closing VLC. To do this, make a notepad file and name it as ‘sdown.bat’. Paste the following LOC to it and save.

START /WAIT C:\"Program Files"\VideoLAN\VLC\vlc.exe %1 vlc://quit
shutdown -s -t 30

Now drag the playlist you’re intended to play onto the ‘sdown.bat’ file. This will first play the songs in playlist, then close VLC as soon as playlist finished and finally shutdown computer after 30 seconds. Everything is done automatically. You just sit back and do other important things.

5. Fun in ASCII mode

This is practically of no use, but there is no harm in knowing some interesting thing.

Goto Tools>Preferences>Video. Select Output as ‘Color ASCII ART video output’ and hit save.

Close VLC and play any video. You should see graphics with ASCII codes.

fun with vlc, play ascii code in video

As said before, this is of no use but something different to show to your friends.

6. Bookmark video and audio files

If you think that the word ‘bookmark’ is coined only for browser then you’re very wrong. VLC also allows you to bookmark favorite songs.

To do this, press CTRL+B and hit create when the box appears. This will bookmark the currently playing song.

bookmark songs in vlc

One thing to note here is that before exiting VLC the playlist must be saved to keep bookmarks. If its not saved, the bookmarks would be lost. To save playlist, press CTRL+Y.

That’s all for this blog. You can always know more things when you start tinkering around with something. If you’ve found something that very few know, tell us in comments and we’ll add to the list.

6 Tips to make your Google Chrome fast again

Google Chrome is the fastest browser in the world. Its very responsive and hardly crashes. But even the best browser can sometimes become slow and problematic when load increases.

So if your chrome has gone older in terms of performance, here are tips to bring back its golden days again.

1. Delete all browsing history: Visited urls, cache and cookie information are accumulated in browsers with time. By deleting these things, Chrome can be made faster and more responsive.

Chrome browsing history can be deleted by clicking the wrench icon at top-right corner of the browser. Next click ‘History’. In the new page that opened up, click ‘Clear all browsing data’. A popup would appear. Check all type of history and delete.

delete all chrome history to make chrome faster

2. Delete Extensions: Extensions or addons are plugged to Chrome in order to increase its functionality. These extensions increases load of the browser. As the number of installed extension increases, performance of Chrome decreases.

So, its always better to use a few extensions, or remove all if Chrome is struggling to perform fast as it should be.

delete extension for faster chrome browser
click to expand

3. Delete bookmarks: Just like the browsing history, bookmarks store web-links in Chrome for easy access. So, its important to delete bookmarks to pace up your chrome browser.

To delete bookmarks, click the wrench icon and goto Bookmarks>Bookmarks Manager.

In the bookmarks page, select all and delete them (Organize>Delete)

for faster chrome browser, delete bookmarks

4. Delete most visited sites/apps in new tabs: You must be seeing few websites in the main window of the browser. Every time a new tab is opened, it shows again.

Delete these sites by clicking X at their top-right corner. This can be time-taking.

delete most visited sites in chrome

In the same way, delete the apps installed to your chrome. Right click on each and select ‘Remove from Chrome’ option.

make google chrome work faster

5. Disable plugins: On installing Chrome, many plugins are installed automatically. Some are useful while some are unnecessary. So its better to delete all or just the unwanted ones. To do this, enter ‘about:plugins’ in the url to see a list of installed plugins. Disable all, or some.

disable plugin for better chrome performance

One thing to note here is that plugins can only be disabled, can’t be deleted or uninstalled.

6. Click and Clean extension: We asked to remove all extensions but there is a chrome extension that can help in keeping the browser in better shape. The extension called as ‘Click & Clean‘ that automatically deletes all internet history as soon as user closes the browser. Besides this, it cleans hard disk and frees up more space.

click and clean extension for better chrome performance

How to forward emails from webmail to Gmail without using Google apps

A webmail client is an email client that provides interface for sending and receiving emails. Gmail is one of them, but available only to its registered users (like

For emails of brands and businesses like and, there are webmail clients like RoundCube, Squirrelmail and Horde, which come pre-installed with CPanel and works similar to Gmail, but with limited features.

webmail to gmail forwarding of emails without using google apps

Gmail, with its superior GUI, better spam protection and chat service has a clear advantage over other email clients. That’s why, Google offer a service called ‘Google apps’ for business to use Gmail as their email client. Using Google apps is not free and subscription fees is charged.

In the blog, we tell an easy, free of cost way to read and reply to mails received in (any)Webmail from Gmail. Here are the steps to do this,

1. Login to Gmail and goto ‘Settings’.

2. Next goto ‘Accounts and Import’. Click ‘Add a POP3 mail account of your own’ in front of ‘Check a POP3 mail of your own’ heading.

An incognito window will open up.

forward emails from webmail to gmail-1

3. In the window, enter the email and click ‘Next Step’. In the example, our email is [, 110].

forward webmail emails to gmail-2

4. Again enter the email, username, password.

POP server address and port number would show up automatically. You can change if its incorrect.

Also check/uncheck the below written options to your requirement.

Click ‘Add Account’ to proceed.

forward webmail emails to gmail-3x

5. Continue the next few steps. In the last step, a verification code will be sent to

6. Enter the verification code and click ‘Verify’.

forward emails from webmail to gmail-4

7. All done! Now all mails from will be start showing in Gmail inbox. You can read as well as reply to those right from your Gmail account.

This is one great, free of cost alternative to forward emails from Webmail to Gmail without using Google apps.

Not only from Webmail clients, we can draw emails from any service provider including Yahoo, Rediffmail, Hotmail to Gmail in the same manner.

How to customize WP PageNavi, the best pagination plugin for WordPress blog

Pagination is the system at the bottom of a WordPress blog that allows visitors to navigate across different entries/pages. Here is how the default pagination in WordPress looks like,

default wordpress pagination

When website owners are ready to spend on getting fancy WordPress theme for their blog, they would defintely like to have a better pagination than what’s provided by WordPress as default.

Many plugins are available for use but very few are worth using. WP PageNavi is probably the most used pagination plugin for WordPress with over 2.7 million downloads till date. Its authors issue regular updates according to the latest WordPress releases. Also, a number of new features are added with time.

The plugin shows numbered links to different pages. The WP PageNavi plugin is fully customizable to match the blog design. The number of pages to show can also be changed easily.

Add PageNavi to WordPress blog

1. Download the plugin, unzip it and upload to ‘Plugin’ folder of your WordPress installation.

2. Activate the plugin from your WP Dashboard under ‘Plugins’ section.

3. Now goto your WordPress theme and delete the following line of codes. In TwentyTen theme, the LOC are as follows,

<div class="nav-previous"><?php next_posts_link( __( '<span class="meta-nav">
&larr;</span> Older posts', 'twentyten' ) ); ?></div>
<div class="nav-next"><?php previous_posts_link( __( 'Newer posts <span class="meta-nav">
&rarr;</span>', 'twentyten' ) ); ?></div>

Paste the following instead,

<?php wp_pagenavi(); ?>

4. All done! Check your blog now and see WP PageNavi in action.

wp pagenavi plugin

5. To modify settings, go to WP-Admin -> Settings -> PageNavi.

Steps for Customization

By default, WP PageNavi includes a default CSS file. You can also do manual customization to match the plugin appearance according to your blog’s design.

Before we customize, lets see the HTML code when the plugin runs,

<div class='wp_pagenavi'>
<span class='pages'>1 of 100</a>
<span class='current'>1</span>
<a href='' class='page larger'>2</a>
<a href='' class='page larger'>3</a>
<a href='' class='page larger'>4</a>
<a href='' class='page larger'>5</a>
<a href='' class='page larger'></a>

1. In the first <span class='pages'></span> we show up the total number of pages in the blog, or in a particular tag or category.

2. Second <span class='current'></span> includes the page number that’s currently active. Since we’re on 1st page, its on 1. As we move to 2, 3, 4… page numbers, it’ll shift to those. The code would subsequently become <span class='current'>2</span>, <span class='current'>3</span>, <span class='current'>4</span> and so on.

3. Other page numbers are under simple anchor tag <a href='' class='page larger'></a>.

Now we manually style the code as follows (rounded radius and lighter-radius color),

.wp-pagenavi span, .wp-pagenavi a
border:1px solid #F3FAFB;

.wp-pagenavi span:hover, .wp-pagenavi a:hover, .wp-pagenavi span.current
border:1px solid #F3FAFB;

wp pagenavi plugin in action

Its important to add the CSS code in the footer section [footer.php] to esnure it overrides the default CSS by WP PageNavi plugin.

YouTube movie trailer of upcoming Bollywood movies in 2012

In Bollywood, we’ve new movies releasing every week. Lately, there is a flurry of super-hits, most of whom were action-comedies. The same trend is expected to follow in the rest part of 2012 with many good movies waiting to release around Eid and Diwali.

YouTube movie trailer of upcoming Bollywood movies in 2012

If you’re expecting to see Salman or Akki’s next, then here are the trailer of some big upcoming Bollywood movies whose trailers are going nuts on YouTube.

1. Kya Supercool Hai Hum

Mark my words that this movie will offer you more in every aspect than its prequel ‘Kya Kool Hai Hum’. A certain hit, the movie stars Tusshar Kapoor and Ritesh Deshmukh. Have a look at this trailer before deciding your partner to watch it, definitely not a family member, could be your girlfriend. To enjoy the most, just carry your friend and have a laugh throughout.

The movie releases on 27th July.

2. Jism 2

The upcoming sequel of ‘Jism’ released in 2001 can undoubtedly be the most awaited movie of the year. The movie starts Sunny Leone, Randeep Hooda and Arunoday Singh in lead roles. The movie is a rated in ‘A’ category and isn’t watchable with family, but best for couples. The movie releases on 3 August. Here is the first look of Jism 2 on YouTube,

In cinemas from 3rd August.

3. Gangs of Wasseypur 2

Book tickets of the very first show if you loved ‘Gangs of Wasseypur’ that released in June. The movie will once again be loaded with desi action, powerful acting of Manoj Bajpai with North-Indian masala. Another movie that is sure to be a superhit, here is the official clip,

Releasing on 3rd August, coinciding with Jism 2.

4. Ek Tha Tiger

Starring Salman Khan and Katrina in lead roles, this movie can be the biggest blockbuster of the year. This is a romantic movie with a touch of action. Salman plays a role of secret agent in the movie who falls in love with Katrina. Here is the offical trailer of the movie on YouTube,

In cinemas from 15th August onwards.

5. Joker

Akki’s next after the superblast Rowdy Rathore is ‘Joker’ where he plays a NRI who does ‘out of the world’ stuff to get his village recognized by the world. The movie features Akshay and Sonakshi in lead roles. Here is the official trailer that’s released a few days back,

Laughter riot starts from 31st August.

6. Barfi

A romantic comedy featuring Ranbir Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra and newcomer Illeana. The movie is contrast to most movies releasing this year. Its a love triangle between 2 abnormal couple – Ranbir and Priyanka, and a normal female – Illeana who ditches Ranbir under the pressure of the society. Here is the official trailer of the movie,

Releasing on 14 September.

7. Heroine

Unveiling the inside story of Bollywood is the movie Heroine. First it was Aishwarya Rai, but now movie features Kareena Kapoor in lead role. Promos shows that the movie could be much like Fashion, the blockbuster featuring Priyanka Chopra.

Releasing 31 September.

8. Son of Sardar

See Ajay Devgn ablaze theaters with his next movie after the highly successful ‘Bol Bachchan’. The movie is a romantic comedy, and remake of Telugu movie Maryada Ramanna.

Releasing 13th November.

9. Shootout at Wadala:

The movie is a prequel of the highly successful ‘Shootout at Lokhandwala’. Its based on the first ever recorded encounter in the history of India where fierce gangster ‘Manya Surve’ was shot dead in a college campus. In the lead roles, there is John Abraham and Anil Kapoor. The release date has not yet been decided but excepted to come by the end of 2012.

Besides these, SRK’s unnamed movie is also expected to be rolling in cinemas in the next two months. We’ll add the trailer as soon as we find it on web.

If there is any big movie missing in the list, please mention in comments. We’ll add them asap. Thanks for reading.