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Signs ‘He’ May be Cheating on You

One of the biggest fears of any woman in a relationship is infidelity. However, unless you overhear him talking to other woman or he babbles her name while being drunk, it can be difficult to tell if your husband is cheating. Well, if you an iota of doubt about his loyalty, look out for these signs of a cheating husband: … Continue reading

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What is RuPay? Everything You Need to Know About India’s Domestic Payment System!

Carrying a huge amount of cash with you is not only messy but is risky as well. Thankfully, with introduction of payment cards, you don’t need to. The convenience of not carrying your cash around all the time has attracted a lot of new customers to this system. Following the trend, the NPCI (National Payments Corporation of India) has launched … Continue reading

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Smartphone Operating Systems that Will make it Big in 2015

Though Android and iOS seem to be presently reigning over the smartphone market, there are new operating systems coming up that are sure to make a huge impact in the mobile industry in the near future. And they plan to make it big. Below are some of the latest smartphone operating systems that might make it big this year. Tizen … Continue reading

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How to Choose Best Web Hosting Service for Website: Best Tips

The biggest concern for an individual while starting a website is to choose the right web hosting service. There are hundreds of companies, all promising to be the best in service, but only a few has the infrastructure and team to tackle the ever increasing cyber-threats and extreme traffic that sites experience at times. Apart from this, keeping websites online 365×7, 24 hours … Continue reading

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Facebook Update Publishing System Explained with PHP Code (and Ajax)

Sharing updates on Facebook is a great way telling your friends what you’re upto. But have you realized how update publishing system in Facebook is designed and why it works so awesomely. From a programmer’s point of view, its really an intriguing matter. Such a system can be designed using PHP and Ajax. In this post we’ll design a similar … Continue reading

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How to Connect Remote MySQL Database using PHP

For connecting to MySQL database hosted on the same server, we generally use ‘localhost’ as hostname. Apart from this, we need the username, password and name of the database we need to connect to. Remote MySQL database means we have our database located at some distant location, not on the same place(host) where our website/app is. For connecting to such … Continue reading

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Why Submit Sitemaps and How to Submit Sitemap to Google Webmasters?

Sitemaps are collection of links contained in a website. It includes all pages, images, videos and files. Why Sitemaps are important for websites? By submitting sitemaps, website owners request Google to index all the included links so that it starts appearing in search results faster. It’s not always necessary to submit sitemaps. But there are cases where pages are skipped … Continue reading

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How to automatically update date and time in a MS Word 2003 or 2007 Document

1. Create a MS Word 2003 or 2007 document. 2. Expand ‘Insert’ tab and click ‘Date and Time’. 3. This will pop-up a block with different date-time formats. Select any of those and check ‘Update Automatically’ option at the bottom-right corner. Click ‘Ok’. 4. All done! Current date and time will add to your document. It will automatically update and … Continue reading

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Compare airline fares and book the cheapest one [One great way]

Looking to book a flight but don’t know which one to choose? Like me, you’ll definitely want an airline that has the cheapest rates. But checking fare of each and every airline on their website and comparing them can be cumbersome and time-taking. One great way of comparing airline fares is by using, the site most famous for providing online … Continue reading

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Rebuilt WinX DVD Ripper Platinum Review & Holiday Giveaway

Finally! The up-to-the-minute WinX DVD Ripper Platinum came to us in this Thanksgiving holiday. After 5 months’ developing, this No.1 fast DVD ripper has been redesigned with brand-new UI which is more user-friendier and clearer. Besides that, impressive new features have been added too. Here are some of them of the additions in the latest release, Rebuilt core. It will … Continue reading

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All you want to know about Windows 8 final build: New features, Performance, and Customizations-Part1

It’s only three years since Windows 7 hit the scene and now we have the all new Windows 8  final build to sparkle in our Windows 7 enabled systems. A lot of things have changed since Windows 7 launch. Back in 2009, there was no such thing as an i Pad. Today Apple and Android devices are all around, not … Continue reading

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Top 10 Websites to Watch Bollywood Movies Online for Free

Whenever we talk about the biggest love of Indians, Bollywood gives a strong competition to Cricket. No Indians can imagine their life without Bollywood movies. Ask any person and everyone will have a story about how they stood for hours in queue to get tickets for their favorite movie or how they paid thrice the price of the ticket just … Continue reading

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