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How to prevent unwanted tagging in Facebook

In Facebook, tagging friends with image is a great way of connecting and asking them for likes and comments. The feature is great but there may be times when you don’t want to be tagged with some images. Keeping control over tagging is very important as someone might tag you with inappropriate or abusive images to dent your reputation. Unwanted tagging … Continue reading

How to switch to Facebook timeline

Facebook recently launched its Timeline feature. With Facebook Timeline, you can better describe your life events. For adding the feature with your profile, first login to Facebook and go to Facebook timeline. Here you’ll see a video and a demo Facebook Timeline page, scroll down and click on ‘Get Timeline’ button. Now Timeline would be added to your Facebook account … Continue reading

How to use tagging in Google plus

You must have used tagging in Facebook and it seems amazing, isn’t it! Yes, tagging friends with an image is a great way of notifying them and asking for likes and comments. Google plus, the big rival of Facebook has come up with a good tagging feature of its own, it has a different appearance, GUI and option for comments. … Continue reading

Facebook to sue Mark Zuckerberg, its no joke!

The title isn’t ripped off the air, it headlines a fact. Yes, Facebook threatened to sue Mark Zuckerberg. One Israeli entrepreneur, previously named as Rotem Guez had his name changed to Mark Zuckerberg. This all started when he dragged Facebook to court when they refused to return his hacked Facebook account without any legitimate reason. The story took an interesting turn when Facebook responded with a … Continue reading

9 reasons why Twitter is behind Facebook

When Facebook was launched in February 2004, people got a new definition of entertainment; since then, it has been going great irrespective of how many competitors are in the market. When Twitter was introduced in March 2006, some Facebook users expected it to do better because there was so much to learn from Facebook, such as its design, tools, services, … Continue reading

20 Most Followed Indian celebrities on Twitter

People love to know more about their favorite celebrities. Earlier they have to depend upon newspaper and television for that. However, nowadays Internet have made it easier for fans not only to know everything about their celebrities but also get connected to them. Indian fans are keen to connect with their favorite celebrity and Twitter is one of the best … Continue reading

How to rotate a website 360 degrees

While watching a David Copperfield’s show, I got an idea of developing something that’s visually entertaining, hence started working on an app that rotates a website or webpage by 360 degrees. I call it as the rock-n-rolla 360 app. This app is entirely CSS3 based which allows you to rotate any website or webpage like a spinning wheel. You just … Continue reading

List of Dev Anand’s best songs: A tribute on his sad demise

Dev Anand, or Dev Sahab I should say left the world on 3rd Dec 2011. He died of the heart-attack in a London hospital. He was there for a regular heath check-up. Born on 26th Sept 1923, he was undoubtedly the biggest superstar and heartthrob of Indian Bollywood. Its being famously said that he wasn’t allowed to wear black dress because … Continue reading

How to increase blog excerpt length in WordPress

By default, excerpt length of a WordPress powered blog is limited to 55 characters only. It means, your homepage will display blogs with heading and a 55 character long excerpt. To increase the length, just copy and paste the below written code with minor alterations. The code function new_excerpt_length($length) { return 20; } add_filter(‘excerpt_length’, ‘new_excerpt_length’); Make changes Change the value, … Continue reading

5 Ways of generating fun on Facebook

How many funny things you share on Facebook did really happened? Gaining several hundred likes within minutes isn’t walk in the park, and Facebook users, almost all collect funny pictures and phrases from web to amuse their kingpins and pen friends with a hidden agenda to headline Facebook feeds of friends. This is not bad, rather a fine way to … Continue reading

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How to pay LIC premium with Netbanking

Paying bills has gone easy with Internet Banking. From electricity bills to LIC premium you can virtually pay to any services directly from your home. With SBI netbanking, you can only pay LIC policy with quarterly, half-yearly or yearly premium. Here are the steps to pay LIC premium with Netbanking, Login to your account. Click Bill Payments at the top … Continue reading

How to choose a safe and secure password

Passwords are essential for each and every internet user. Its the key to unlock users private information that includes mails, banks details and many more confidential stuff. So, its important to choose a password that’s, nobody can think of, except you easy to remember cannot be predicted But how to choose a safe password? Before thinking of a strong password … Continue reading