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Nick Vujicic’s most inspiring video

Words aren’t enough to describe this great man, Nick Vujicic is a preacher and motivational speaker. He has a rare medical disorder characterized by the absence of all 4 limbs. He says people to live life to the fullest, try realize dreams and never give up in life.

Simplest way to invite friends to like a Facebook page

Once you’ve added new admins to your Facebook page, its time to tell them to recommend the page to their friends. There is a very simple way of doing this, ie by sending invitation to each and every Facebook friend directly from the page. Here is how you can do this, First click ‘Invite Friends’ option at the right-center location … Continue reading

How to an add admin to a Facebook page?

Increase admins, increase Facebook fans. Yes, having more admins ensures there is more potential fans for your Facebook page; it also helps in better management and employing better marketing strategies for the page. Here is how you can add a new admin to your Facebook page, 1. First click edit page > Manage Admins. 2. Now add name of the … Continue reading

Simplest way to download YouTube video

In this blog, we’ve 2 great things for you. First we’ll tell you the simplest way to download a YouTube video, ‘simplest’ means really the simplest way. And secondly, you’ll get the fastest way of downloading those videos. What you need? Nothing much, you just need to download Internet Download Manager, unarguably the fastest download manager on internet. It’s more … Continue reading

How to set background-image in Facebook timeline profile

Facebook recently launched its new timeline feature that allows users to divide their life-events in months and years before showing them onto their Facebook profile page. In our last blog, we discussed how to switch from normal Facebook profile to a new timeline profile. Today, we’ll learn how to add a background-image(or cover) in a timeline profile. Here are the … Continue reading

5 types of content banned on Facebook

From a single line status to bulky images, and connective links to amazing videos, we post each and everything on Facebook for the world to know and comment on it. While doing so, unknowingly, we might violate one or two Facebook terms and conditions. So its important to know our limitation while using the social networking site. Below are the 5 … Continue reading

See real-time traffic with Google Analytics

If you’re bored of waiting for your Analytics report and wanna monitor it in real-time, then Google has just added the right service for you. Now, you can easily trace number of visitors, their location, traffic sources and much more, all in real-time. In Google Analytics, real-time stats allow webmasters to see visitor activity as it happens on the website. Each … Continue reading

Narendra Modi 4 times of Rahul Gandhi

Politicians don’t like him, media bursts against him but he is still the most liked Indian politician. Facebook page of Narendra Modi has well over 385,000 likes. This number might not appear breathtaking, but we have some stats that’ll certainly draw your attention. Facebook page of Narendra Modi has likes almost 4 times to that of Rahul Gandhi, Atalji, and … Continue reading

How to easily reach Facebook team for critical issues

We use Facebook to connect with friends and have fun, but there are people who use Facebook to harass and bully people. Use of offensive language, attacks on nationality, religion, ethnicity and race is common in social media sites, especially Facebook. If you’ve encountered any one of such problem(s), then this blog would tell you the ways to deal with … Continue reading

How to fool your friends on Facebook

Basically, this blog is scheduled to come on 1st April ’12 but due to my inability in finding something useful this day, I’m up with this blog telling you some fine ways of fooling your Facebook friends (doesn’t matter if it’s 25th December or 1st April!!). News on Facebook Some days ago, a rumor stating “Facebook will close by 15th … Continue reading

How to delete tweets using TwitWipe service

TwitWipe is a service that allows a user in deleting all his previously posted tweets on Twitter, while keeping favorites, followers, apps and all other stuffs untouched. Here is how you can use the service to rub-off each and every tweets from your Twitter account, Login to your Twitter account using TwitWipe. Then you’ll see a ‘Start Wiping’ button, once you … Continue reading

Delete your tweets with TwitWipe

If you want to get rid of your previous tweets but don’t have time to deleted them one by one then a service called TwitWipe is all you need. TwitWipe is a service developed by Aalam Ghaag, allows users to delete all their previously posted tweets, all at once. The service deletes all tweets but keeps followers, favorites, apps and everything else intact. … Continue reading