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How to delete all older Facebook wall posts

You must have shared many things on Facebook, from your first crush to your marriage date, Facebook wall has a compilation of all. Getting rid of these memoirs isn’t easy. Deleting thousands of posts, one by one is beyond practicality, so you need an service to do this. Clean My Wall is one such great script that deletes older wall … Continue reading

Maintain multiple Facebook account in a single Chrome brower

Most of us have got more than one Facebook account, one for personal use, one for ‘midnight’ use and, if required, probably one for professional use. Such busy guys face problems in maintaining all these accounts as they have to frequently login/logout of one account to use the other one, which is indeed very painful. But no more, a cool … Continue reading

Top 8 reasons why fans unlike a Facebook page

A brand comes to Facebook, and starts luring people with attractive offers and asks them to become a fan. People does so to enjoy ongoing offers and get notifications of the coming ones. Once a brand gets big fan following on Facebook, its sometimes fails to maintain them. Last year Facebook rolled out ‘unlike’ button for Facebook pages and since then … Continue reading

How to stop fans from unliking Facebook page

Once a brand on Facebook has several thousands fans, they start pouring tonnes of marketing posts, which are all visible to fans. Such an activity can force a fan of a Facebook page to sway away by unliking it. How to stop them? Being a page owner, there must be the right approach to deal with fans and prevent them … Continue reading

1 billion users for Facebook in August 2012

Recent growth of Facebook is a clear indication of where this social networking site is heading. With a mere 150 active million users by the fall of 08’, the social networking giant accumulated over 815 million users by 2011. According to a survey, Facebook would continue to grow at this speed and would reach the 1 billion mark by August 2012. Here is the … Continue reading

How to rename a Facebook page

While creating a Facebook page, its important to keep note of the fact that page-name can’t be altered once its created. So, if you’ve mistyped it, or want to rename it for some other reason then you would face problems. But, you can change name of a Facebook page only if it has got less than 100 fans. In this … Continue reading

How to change Facebook page url to shorter url

Want a shorter url for your Facebook page? Now, you can change your weird looking, long Facebook page url to an easy to remember shorter url in a few easy steps. Reach you Facebook page. Click ‘Edit Page’ and then ‘Basic Information’ option on the left (Edit Page>Basic Information) Locate ‘Username’ area on the right, now click ‘create username for … Continue reading

How to see who unliked your page on Facebook?

Facebook gives you notification when someone likes your page, but there is nothing when someone unlike your page and goes away. Now with Facebook insight, you can easily track when and how many have unliked your page. This is how, Go to your Facebook page and click ‘Insights’ tab at the left. On click, 3 new tabs displayed below it. … Continue reading

Understand the design of Facebook Timeline

Facebook timeline is about to roll onto each and every fb user in a few days time. In the blog, we’ll show where each and every options are located to help you understand and work with the new design in a better manner. Here is the complete infographic depiction of the new timeline feature by Facebook. Friends, photos, maps, likes … Continue reading

An absolutely free software to create YouTube videos

If you’ve ever wanted to show how good you are with online tutorials, then Hypercam is what you need. Now create a free video and post on YouTube and Metacafe for the world to see. Hypercam is a free screen capture software used to create videos. Initially, it was launched as a shareware but now its available free of cost. … Continue reading

20 Ways to increase Facebook fans

Marketing on Facebook starts with the creation of a Facebook page. Each page has an overall potential of reaching upto 790 million+ users, so, its important to find clever ways of increasing fans to engage more and more visitors and turn them into customers. Here are some ways that are effective in increasing likes for a Facebook page, Best use … Continue reading

4 motivational videos on India; respect, unity and pride

Here are some truly inspiring videos, I’ve found on YouTube. You’ll definitely love these,