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Watch YouTube video from specific time after skipping introductory part

YouTube videos usually have some introductory part that you might want to skip. Here is a simple trick that allows you to directly link a YouTube video at a specific time, from where you want to watch the video by skipping introductory portion. For doing this, first play the video and pause it just where you want to link it, ie from where you want … Continue reading

UK student steals Facebook users data, jailed for 8 months

The biggest social media hack|ng case in the history of UK reached its pinnacle when Glen Mangham was sentenced for 8 months jail. He was charged for breaching Facebook security and stealing confidential data of some Facebook users. In the Southwalk Crown Court, prosecutor Patel said that Glen infiltrated into private computers of Facebook. Moreover, he accessed (and stole) some valuable information of its users. He … Continue reading

Watch YouTube videos from Google Plus profile

Of the many amazing features in Google Plus, one is the option of directly searching(and watching) YouTube videos without logging-out of Google Plus profile. Its possible due to the inbuilt YouTube search option provided with Google Plus. You must have noticed the YouTube button on left side of right side of your G+ profile. To search a video, hit the … Continue reading

How to skip video ads from YouTube videos (that appear at the beginning)

Most YouTube videos have ads placed on them. Either you see a pop-up from bottom or a 10-15 second video ad before the start of YouTube video. The most irritating of the two is one that appears before the start of a video. Though Google allows you to skip YouTube ads, but you have to wait a few seconds before … Continue reading

How to invite Gmail contacts to like a Facebook page

To recommend a Facebook page to your Gmail friends, you might want to send them an invitation. Sending page recommendation to Yahoo and Rediff contacts is much easier as compared to Gmail. Facebook doesn’t provide a direct option to send invitation to Gmail contacts who’re active on Facebook. But there is an unorthodox way of doing this, Exporting contacts from … Continue reading

Watch India’s cricket match online live on bcci’s website

Indian cricket fans are feeling filthy after 4-0 double drubbing by the hands of Australia. But the new year may pound some good luck with the team. Now each and every India’s cricket match, both at home and abroad can be watched online live on BCCI’s website. The service was started by BCCI from India’s home series against England, and … Continue reading

Last chance to visit Rajnikanth’s website

If you’re reading this blog then you’re one of those lucky guys who has the opportunity to visit Superstar Rajnikanth’s website. This website runs only when you’re disconnected from internet. In case you’re thinking this one as fake then first look at Rajani’s website, and then disconnect your internet connectivity. If you think the website would stop then beware of … Continue reading

How to post flipped Facebook updates and comments?

Wondering how people post inverted texts in Facebook updates and comments. Now you can post the same, flipped text with minimal effort. Here is how, Just go to Flip-It app. Its an app developed by Ravi Sharma that turns all alphabets and numerals by 180 degrees. Once you’re on the page, enter some text in the left box and you’ll … Continue reading

How to cancel a sent friend request on Facebook?

You sent a friend request to someone but soon realized that he isn’t the one who you’re actually intended to send the request. Now you might want to cancel the sent request but don’t know how to do it. Follow these steps to cancel a sent friend request on Facebook, Firstly, search the profile(to whom you’ve sent request) using the search … Continue reading

10 difference between e-ticket and i-ticket

If you’ve ever paused before selecting e-ticket/i-ticket option while doing an online reservation the this blog is what you need. Here we tell you the exact difference between an e-ticket and i-ticket in Indian Railways online reservation system. E-Ticket vs i-ticket Though both are booked online, i-ticket can only be booked clear 2/3 days prior to the date of journey … Continue reading

Prevent frauds in craigslist India and ways to deal with it

Being the biggest classified website, Craigslist is the home of spammers and fraudulent activities. There is no precise way to stop such activities but we can definitely prevent ourselves from being one of the targets. Here are certain things to keep in mind before negotiating with an advertiser, Never carry out cross-country deals, especially in India. Such advertisements can be luring but 90 percent of are … Continue reading

Trick to get Facebook profile/page information without visiting it

Only Facebook apps are given access to user’s private details, but there is a fine way of retrieving these information without making an app, and also without logging onto Facebook. First, we’ll get a profile details without actually visiting it, Just goto or facebook-id and you’ll have it. As an example, displays my basic information. is an easy … Continue reading