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Authorship information and Image in Google Search Results: Explained With Stepwise Instructions

With advent of Google plus, Google fired in all cylinders to grasp its deserved space in social networking arena. One such strong initiative by Google is the inclusion of authorship information like image,name and link from Google plus in search engine results. From now on Google search results would also show the name and image of blog authors in the … Continue reading

5 Most Expensive Laptops in Indian Market

Passion has no boundary and when it comes to owning an electronic gadget, money knows no boundaries. While cheap laptops are popular in Indian market, high end laptops being more powerful and fast-performing also have an immense potential. Let us have a look at some expensive laptops that are favorite of gadget lovers: 1. Dell-Alienware M17x (Core 2 Extreme QX9300) … Continue reading

Express Love using Social Media Sites by YouTube videos, Facebook updates and Blogposts

Love has embraced us in many forms- father, mother, brother, sister, wife… and many more. In the hassle and tussle of life, they provide the much required peace of mind and help us enjoy life to the fullest. By expressing your love, relationship can be rejuvenated to keep it healthy and strong. In the era dominated by social media, expressing … Continue reading

Reasons for YouTube video removal by Google

It is not uncommon for Google/YouTube to remove fan-made clips or other videos from their website. If you don’t want Google to remove of your video from YouTube here’s a brief take on the reasons which can cause your video’s takedown. There are four prime reasons because of which Google can remove your YouTube video immediately, Violation of Terms of … Continue reading

Facebook, Google and Future of Online Marketing for Business Promotion

If you are wondering why these days, you are not getting as many calls for product orders from your customers?  And, why the supposedly luring advertisements of your brand in the top-selling magazines don’t seem to make the same impact they used to make before, you need to know this thing that the marketing techniques for business are changing. It … Continue reading