Social Media

Journey of social media websites: From Facebook to Foursquare

During my childhood days, I begin studies soon after waking up in the morning. But I can’t visualize my children doing the same. Transformation is the essence of life and everyone has to mingle with the changing trend. During the last decade, social media websites became the ultimate thing on web. There is Web 2.0 or social media to be … Continue reading

Funniest Facebook Conversation ever

You must have seen and probably done most kinky talks on Facebook but this is something very hilarious. See the most funniest Facebook conversation I came across in Google search,

Call Your Friends with Facebook Now

The best part about Facebook is; it keeps on amazing us with exciting new features. In the month of November, they launched the new messages wherein users can have one on one conversation with their friends that means one can enjoy e-mails, texts and chats in one place which is amazing. New Sidebar lists people you message most If you … Continue reading

Why Twitter has 140 character limit

When Twitter came onto the scene, many people doubted its success mainly because of it’s 140 character limit. Barring all rumors it amassed more than 200million+ users and new services like re-tweeting and image sharing have been added, yet Twitter character limit is still not not longer than 140. Twitter is actually a micro-blogging site i.e blogging with a character … Continue reading

How to Bid for Facebook Ads: Internet Marketing Strategy

Now that Facebook is the most famous sensation on the internet, advertisers are trying their utter best to post ads on Facebook. The problem is, due to the immense popularity of Facebook getting an ad posted on it is expensive and not easy. Strategies Applied by Facebook Facebook may have started as a platform to help people socialize; it is … Continue reading

Google plus:Latest social networking site by Google with features like Circles,group video chat, Instant Uploads and more

Google recently launched a new social networking site called Google+ (Google plus). Advent of Google+ is marked by change of the familiar gray strip at the top of every Google page turning black. Google+ will be built as a layer that not only integrates different Google social services, such as Google Profiles and Google Buzz, but also introduces many new … Continue reading

Google+ Vs. Facebook: Hot Debate in Social Networking Arena

Internet has made the life so easy for us. Today, we can connect to our distant friends, send emails, chat with them with the help of fast broadband internet connection. With the introduction of social networking websites like Orkut, Facebook, Twitter or Myspace, connecting with your near and dear ones have become so simple. Facebook Just create your profile, look … Continue reading

Maximise Your Reach with Effective Social Bookmarking

If you are looking ways to promote your business online, than social bookmarking can help you drive traffic to your website. Effective social bookmarking services provide users to organize, store and manage web pages which they want on the net effectively. It is a way to promote your blog, your online content and to build a strong network of regular … Continue reading

Remove YouTube logo from YouTube videos

Want to remove YouTube logo from YouTube videos while using in your blog? Here is a simple hack to help you achieve this. You just need to put ?modestbranding=1 after the url of the video. Let’s understand this by an example. Let the URL of YouTube video be, <iframe width=”640″ height=”510″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe> and below is the video with YouTube … Continue reading

Cool New Kids in Social Networking Arena

As a parent of growing toddlers, security concerns about their kids using social networking often haunt many parents. Though social networking is not at all bad and some of them want their kids to draw advantage of meeting new people, making friends, being more creative and playing games online, they also want them to be safe from predators. So if … Continue reading

WordPress Vs. Blogger

WordPress and Blogger are the two main contenders for free blog hosting. Bloggers often ask what they should choose as a blog service for them, wordpress or blogger.  Here are difference between these two blog hosts in terms of features and suitability which will guide you in choosing perfect blog service for you. Comparing features of wordpress or blogger?  Blogger … Continue reading

Is Logout Compulsory in Websites

We are addicted to social networking sites so it isn’t surprising to see people missing to logout Facebook and forget pressing twitter’s logout button. For years, most people haven’t logged out of websites like Facebook and twitter yet they are safe and secure. For such individuals logout button seems a useless addition to websites, Isn’t it? Is logout really compulsory … Continue reading