How to break FD (fixed deposit) midterm using ATM card

Some days back my account balance automatically converted to FD (Fixed Deposit). I got a SMS at night and when I checked my savings account it was showing balance as just Rs 1300 which should be above 1.7k. I was confused, rather shocked I should say. Thoughts of all sorts started coming in my mind. So I called my friend who … Continue reading

Delete drafts and trash from a WordPress blog without using Plugin

A post on a WordPress blog can at any of these three status – Published, Drafts or Trash. Published posts are those which show on the website, while drafts are unpublished version of a post and trash is, as the name suggests, are deleted ones. Drafts and Trash contains most useless data and deleting them is a good idea to … Continue reading

How to recover all lost blogs in 5 minutes

You own a website. Its running fine and all of a sudden it went offline. All the data – articles, blogs, apps, everything is lost. What to do? How to recover the lost blogs and other data? If you’re facing such a situation then take a deep breath as you can recover all the deleted blogs in minutes. Google, yes that famous … Continue reading

How To Download Torrents With Internet Download Manager (IDM)

Most of the internet surfers and downloaders want a simple and efficient way to download torrent files. Imagine how fast it would be if you can download torrent files directly with IDM. Yes its possible, today I’ll tell you about a simple trick to download torrent/magnet links with IDM. Steps: 1. Go to zbigz.com. 2. Sign up and create your own … Continue reading

What Does Cloud Computing Exactly Means? Novice To Technical

With the advent of new technologies in last few years Cloud Computing has become a common term for most of the gadgets and softwares in 2012. We all are using cloud computing technology in one way or other through our mobiles,computers,servers,different softwares etc.but still most of us are unaware of the same. People like to boast that they have got … Continue reading

Download Powerful Sonic PDF Creator 3.0 worth $50 for Free

Investintech is giving away full version of Sonic PDF creator which worth $50 for free. Sonic PDF Creator is a versatile application to create secure and safe PDF files. Create professional looking and secure PDF documents from hundreds of Windows applications. A simple to use interface with value added features you’ll need, like batch conversion, watermarking, PDF merging and splitting & more.It … Continue reading

Windows 8 Release Preview coming early June 2012

Windows 8 lovers waiting for a new release and others looking for a better and stable version than Windows 8 Consumer Preview will find their O.S this June 2012.One of Microsoft officials said that company is boosting up Windows 8 for its release and now Microsoft is ready to release a Release Preview version of Windows 8.   The Windows … Continue reading

MP3 Quality Modifier: Store more music in less space

With today’s busy life and cheaper electronic goods MP3 players are quite popular.Whether its through mobiles or portable MP3 players we all love to listen our favourite songs while working or on the way to college/office.But how you feel when you are unable to add more music files to your mobiles/MP3 players due to less memory? Though you may have … Continue reading

Kaspersky Internet Security 2012: Power,Performance and Security review

Kaspersky is a well known name in the world of internet security.KIS is always among top 3 choice of all security test labs.In recent years Kaspersky faced stiff competition from Norton and Bitdefender; and the result is all new Kaspersky Internet Security 2012.KIS 2012 possess great U.I. and security features.   Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 is a powerful security suite, … Continue reading

How to add useful shortcuts, files and folders in ‘My Computer’ window

Generally all versions of Windows O.S. show some default shortcuts in “My Computer” window like system drive,hard disk drives,optical drives,network connections etc.But still if we want to add some other desired shortcuts or links to ‘My Computer’ window its not possible through default Windows options. After applying simple steps described below you will get shortcuts to your favourite applications,files,folders etc. … Continue reading

How to automatically rename photos with the date they were shot

We all desire to manage our digital camera pics easily and without any effort.One of the best method is to arrange them with the date they were shot. Arranging and renaming photos with their date of capture is not possible automatically with most of digital cameras because digital cameras have their own clock and record the date to each photos … Continue reading

Trick to flip Google logo upside down

Today we have a trick that’s based on one great program called Firebug. We’ll flip the Google’s logo on its homepage upside down by 180 degrees. For this trick to be functional, first you need to download and install firebug onto your browser. Next go to the Google’s homepage (www.google.com) and do the following steps, 1. Right click on the … Continue reading