How to remove broken links from Google search results

Content on internet is dynamic. Information are frequently added, deleted and modified. So it can be a possibility that a deleted webpage might still show up in Google search results. Or double copies of nearly same content exists in Google search after renaming the older url. Such things commonly happens with a website. Its important to deal with this in … Continue reading

10 Famous college drop out billionaires in India

Sometimes you don’t need college degrees but strong ambition, will power, and hard work to succeed. This fact has been proved by the following people who in spite of being college drop outs grew to become famous billionaires not only in India but in the entire world. 1. Mukesh Ambani Born on 19 April 1957, Mukesh Ambani is the chairman and … Continue reading

How to find broken links in website for free

Links are the indicators of website’s reputation. A website with more incoming links performs better in search engine results than its competitor within the same niche. But ‘linkrot’ ie the presence of huge number of broken links in a website can deter this advantage. So, what are broken links? Broken links, dead link or dangling links are the outgoing links … Continue reading

Build a Google Chrome extension: Tutorial for beginners with free code to download

Chrome extensions are third party programs that are installed to Google Chrome browser to provide additional services. They are like add-ons of Mozilla Firefox, merely a change of name. Some of the common Chrome extension are, Avast WebRep extension shows the reputation of websites. Alexa extension for Chrome provides the ranking of every website visited by a user. Google has … Continue reading

5 Best Fonts for Resume Writing

Employers skim through a resume in 10-20 seconds to decide if a candidate is good enough to call for an interview. For a candidate, resume is a reflection of his credentials. A resume should be concise with easy to read information. And choosing right font is the key for this. The two best font for writing resume are: ‘Serif’ and ‘Sans … Continue reading

Get Ashampoo Burning Studio 2012 for free

Ashampoo Burning Studio 2012 offers you everything you need to burn movies, music and data with faster speed and effeciency. Its a simple & complete burning suite with easy burning functions for your data to CD,DVD and Blu-ray discs. Ashampoo Burning Studio 2012 is one of the best alternative to Nero Burning ROM. It also comes with Blu-ray disc burning features that many … Continue reading

How To Convert FAT32 TO NTFS File System Without Formatting/Loosing Data

Often we need to convert file system of our hard disk/external storage devices like pen drives etc. for better compatibility with our OS or softwares. But the herculean problem that arises during conversion of file system in our storage devices is saving the data and converting the file system without formatting the device/drive. Today I’ll tell you how to convert … Continue reading

Best Free Vocal Removers: Eliminate Vocals From Your Favorite Songs

You might have imagined while  listening to a song that how it would be if you could remove the vocals. The art of eliminating the human voice from music tracks is notoriously difficult to do – but it can be done. 100% vocals removal is not possible by any means because of varying factors, such as compression, stereo image separation, … Continue reading

Windows 8 Release Preview: Releasing on 1st June

Windows 8, the next generation operating system and its Release Preview is the latest buzz related to Windows OS and Microsoft corporation. Most of the people around are waiting for the final release but before that one can try the release preview version because its somewhat more stable and usable compared to betas.   No one can confirm the date but according … Continue reading

How to create a SBI virtual electronic card for bill payment

In our previous blog, we discussed regarding the SBI virtual electronic card issued to users for safer bill payments at shopping websites. Today we’ll discuss about generating a virtual e-card using SBI netbanking account, 1. Login to your SBI netbanking account and go to ‘e-cards’. If you don’t have a netbanking account, follow these steps to get one. 2. Next, … Continue reading

SBI Virtual electronic debit-credit cards for safer online bill payment

SBI recently introduced a new service called SBI Virtual Electronic Cards to make transaction and bill payments more secure. In the service, SBI netbanking users can generate a virtual electronic card for doing online bill payments. These cards are like normal debit/credit cards but hold no information of the user’s bank details and would destroy as soon as transaction is … Continue reading

How to get back a lost Airtel number, getting a duplicate SIM

Lost your phone? Sim card too? If yes, then carry out the following steps to recover the it back by getting a duplicate SIM of the same Airtel number. 1. File FIR First lodge a FIR complaint to the concerned Police Station. One thing to note here is that you can file complaint to the police station of the area … Continue reading