How to stay safe from Copyright issues in websites

We often heard of companies suing each other over copyright issue. Recently, Apple and Samsung entered in a bitter tussle throwing claims of copyright infringement over each other. So website owners, sometimes intentionally or unintentionally use content that include images, content and videos that are property of someone else, and hence directly violates the copyright rules and regulations laid by DMCA. Thought, a copytight infrignement is a … Continue reading

Why Privacy policy is must for Google AdSense publishers

Okay, if you’re having an AdSense account but no privacy policy page on your website then you must add one before Google terminates your account. As per the latest Google AdSense terms, a website must hold correct privacy policy information to ensure a visitor is aware of his details, the website is storing. Privacy policy is a piece of information that states … Continue reading

Tips to write good title for blog posts

You search a query and see a long list of results, you click on the one that perfectly matches your requirement. Just like movies, a blog title gives a fair indication of what’s contained in the blog. In search results, easily readable and SEOed titles are favored by search engines and tend to get more traffic than a rather confusing one. How … Continue reading

Short blogs or long blogs, which is better?

Many legendary bloggers have thrown their views on the subject, some favoring longer blogs while some voting in favor of smaller ones. The point almost all of them underlined is – A good blog is one that’s to the point with a very little weedy stuff. There is no need to expand the blog size if there is nothing useful to include. Yet … Continue reading

How to choose the right blogging style for writing blogs

Blog writing style is as important as blog content – it spices up the visitor’s blog experience, prevents readers from noticing your mistakes, and gives you a recognition as a ‘different’ and a good blogger. Also, it’s no denying the fact that people like a different blogging style rather than a monotonous one that most of us use. But how … Continue reading

How to collect correct information for a blog

Internet host blogs virtually on each and every niche. These blogs mostly contain genuine and correct information but some naughty bloggers pour-in some wrong ones too. Including in-correct information in the blogs can make it crispy and entertaining but does no good in website popularity and reliability graph. Why bloggers write in-correct blogs? This question is a bit tricky to … Continue reading

Blogging problems and ways to deal

You started a blog with full enthusiasm, some days later you fell out as you’re not getting the dividence. Like any other job, blogging can also shed a good chunk of your hair. It’s no denying the fact that we face problems while starting up a blog and later-on there are times when we fell short of expectations with the … Continue reading

Things to keep in mind while deciding a domain name

Deciding a domain name is the first step before launching a blog or a service. A website is a reflection of what it provides, name of a service based site must be professional and relevant to what it offers. Similarly a blogging site must include words like ‘blog’, blogger’ to indicate its niche. You must have heard of problogger.com which is a … Continue reading

Add comment to your website with DISQUS

Have a new website or a blog where you’d like to start interacting with your readers? If you’re not too sure regarding how to go about it, fret not. Welcome DISQUS, a novel and ingenious free website comments tool. You can let users comment to your website with DISQUS taking the interactivity to a new level. Here’s a sneak peek … Continue reading

How to write SEOed title and meta keyword information for a blog

The performance of a blog on Google primarily depends on the SEO. A blog should carry information likable to both users and search engines. A blog must be containing good content for readers to enjoy and SEO to ensure search engine correctly analyze what the blog is trying to convey. Let’s understand this in a bit detailed manner, Title, meta keywords and blog … Continue reading

How Google search engine decides crawling rate for websites

You must have noticed that Google index certain websites more frequently than others. You can see updates from HindustanTimes, HuffingtonPost in search results within few seconds after publishing on the site, on the other hand some blog posts take days and weeks to appear in Google and other search engines. This depends solely on the rate at which a website is providing data … Continue reading

How to promote Facebook fan page

Facebook fan page is an important door to pull potential customers for your business. No matter if you’re running a website or holding a company Facebook can definitely pump up your revenue. So if you are looking for ways to promote Facebook Fan Page and want to spread the word, the following points would help you out. Creating a fan page is very easy; … Continue reading