Internet Security

Top 8 Most secure Antivirus for PC

Malwares like Trojans and viruses need a small sniff to hit a computer system. A PC antivirus prevent such attacks from being a reality by detecting and removing them before they do any damage. Its like guarding your girlfriend against potential threats roaming around. There are some malwares that are undetectable and difficult to remove. That’s where a good antivirus stands tall … Continue reading

How to prevent cyber attacks on bank accounts

Bank accounts has always been the main target of cyber criminals, and with the advent of Internet banking this problem has increased by many folds. In the blog, first we’ll check the most common forms of cyber attacks imposed by criminals to steal bank account details, and then look at the ways of preventing it. Here are 2 most common … Continue reading

Prevent frauds in craigslist India and ways to deal with it

Being the biggest classified website, Craigslist is the home of spammers and fraudulent activities. There is no precise way to stop such activities but we can definitely prevent ourselves from being one of the targets. Here are certain things to keep in mind before negotiating with an advertiser, Never carry out cross-country deals, especially in India. Such advertisements can be luring but 90 percent of are … Continue reading

Major security issues with cloud servers

Cloud services are amazing enough to attract more and more users yet, like any other web server, its prone to cyber attacks. We will try to understand how security of cloud server can be breached to compromise user cloud data. Cyber attack by criminals In cloud computing, anybody can register and place their data to the cloud, paying a small fee. … Continue reading

How to choose a safe and secure password

Passwords are essential for each and every internet user. Its the key to unlock users private information that includes mails, banks details and many more confidential stuff. So, its important to choose a password that’s, nobody can think of, except you easy to remember cannot be predicted But how to choose a safe password? Before thinking of a strong password … Continue reading

Most secure software developed by Australian scientists

Scientists have developed what they claim to be the world’s first hack-free software which can protect systems from failures or malicious attacks. The ‘seL4’ microkernel has been developed by a team led by Australia’s ICT Research Centre of Excellence’s spinout company Open Kernel Labs (OK Labs). It is a small operating system kernel which regulates access to a computer’s hardware. … Continue reading

Avoid common passwords for bank and email accounts

You need not have to be a genius to guess someone’s password if you have access to his private details. It has been found that almost 80% of users keep common passwords that are guessable with basic personal information in hand. Bank and email accounts are guessed by cyber criminals in the same way. Cyber criminals try to read victims mind and check all … Continue reading

Check if your password is easily guessable

Some days ago, cyber criminals broke into the twitter account of NBC and Fox News. They even tweeted the news of Obama’s assassination that shocked many before it was labelled as fake. It won’t amuse you but such thing could easily happen to your account if the password is easily guessable. Almost 65% of email passwords can be guessed using simple … Continue reading

How proxy server can get your private details

Proxy Server is a server which acts as an intermediary for requests from clients seeking resources from other servers. They are installed in colleges and offices to control and keep track of user activities, primarily to check if they are using social networking or involved in any questionable activities over internet. Server administrator can see the data-flow that includes your login, chat and other … Continue reading

Google, Facebook can provide your details to FBI and Pentagon

What’s the first thing you do after waking up? Most people would go for washroom while many goes directly to the check updates on their social networking account. Checking these sites has become a daily routine for most of us. So it shouldn’t amuse you to know that Google and Facebook can pass your details to FBI and Pentagon whenever … Continue reading