How to buy iPhone 4 at cheaper price in India

Apple iPhone 4 was recently launched in India, and if you are looking to buy this awesome smartphone then carefully read this blog before going into the market. iPhone is available in the retail markets of selected cities only, others have to buy it online from shopping websites. Apple iPhone 4 price in India and best buying option The market … Continue reading

How to book Nokia Lumia 800 in India

Ads of Nokia Lumia 800 smartphone is all over internet and if you’re inclined to purchase the new Nokia smartphone this coming year then continue reading this blog because we have complete information of the launch dates, price and pre-order booking of Nokia Lumia 800 smartphone. The cool big display of Nokia Lumia 800 is enough to enthrall Indian people … Continue reading

Apple sued for iPad trademark breach in China

How would you react when I say, iPad isn’t an Apple’s product. Yes, this is the case in China where Apple is sued by a Hong Kong based technology firm called Proview Technologies who owns the trademark ‘iPad’ in some cities of China and Hong Kong. ‘iPad’ was registered way back in 2000 by Proview Technologies and they had been … Continue reading

Hands on review of Nokia Lumia 800

Nokia and Microsoft lately announced historical tie up in February to promote their businesses and the new Nokia Lumia 800 one of this association. If you yearn to buy Nokia Lumia 800, make your purchase more fun and interesting by looking at the following hands-on review of the smartphone. I got to check the smartphone just a few days after … Continue reading

How students can get Aakash tablet from college and university

Distribution of Akash tablet by Government is not a transparent process. But the pattern of distribution suggests that the tablet is first distributed to colleges where the Government is expecting better hands-on reviews and suggestions for improvement. At the present date, it’s  only distributed to few colleges, most notably IIT Rajasthan, IIT Delhi, colleges of Delhi University and some NITs. Price … Continue reading

Improvements in Aakash 2, the next version of Aakash tablet

Aakash tablet is in the news for many reasons: firstly, its the cheapest tablet computer developed till date; secondly, its eagerly awaited yet nobody knows the exact date when it’ll come out for sale in the retail market. The second version of Aakash tablet i.e Aakash-2 is under development and expected be out by April 2012. It would add many … Continue reading

How to prevent a program from loading on system startup

On system startup, you see a number of programs load automatically. These programs can slow down your system’s booting time by large scale, so its important to cut the unwanted programs and keep only the necessary ones on system startup. You prevent a program from auto-loading using any of these 5 ways, While installing the program. Configuring Tools/Properties of the … Continue reading

Should you buy Aakash tablet, the cheapest computer?

Hope you’ve read my last post on how to get an Aakash tablet? Yes, its the cheapest tablet computer launched by India on 5th October. If you’re planning to buy one then first check out some pros and cons of the tablet before going in the market. Why you should buy ‘Aakash’ tablet? You should opt for this computer if … Continue reading

Technical problems with Aakash tablet

I recently had my hands on the cheapest tablet computer ‘Aakash’ and find it exciting to have so useful gadzet in just Rs 3000. Its priced at Rs 1500 for students and rural people, enjoying a discount 0f 50 percent by Indian Government. After reviewing the system, here are some technical problems that needs an updation in coming ‘Aakash-2’ tablet, While … Continue reading

How to get Aakash tablet, the cheapest computer ever

India recently launched the cheapest tablet computer called ‘Aakash’ to equip college students and village people with full internet connectivity. Initially, it would be distributed to college students through their universities within a month or two, as per Government’s directives. So, students can get in touch with their university to pocket one. Rs. 1500-1800 is what students have to pay … Continue reading

Why Nokia 1100 is very famous in India

It wasn’t long ago when I feel proud in holding my Nokia 1100 mobile phone while hovering around my locality. Not only me, there must be hundreds of people, both living in dodgy conditions and living in palatial houses who’ve have used this mobile phone with great love. In India, where people don’t like to spend money on even the … Continue reading

Samsung Nexus S Smartphone to Travel in Space with Atlantis

With the news that Samsung Nexus S is set to travel in space with Atlantis and the STS 135 mission, the global telecommunication race if all set to go through the roof, pun intended. This Samsung Smartphone’s space odyssey marks the beginning of what could probably be the fusion of the two most progressive times in human history, the space … Continue reading