Buy best tech gift for girlfriend on this New Year

Looking to buy a gift for girlfriend? Or, you’ve messed-up thinking of the best gadget that your girl would like. This happens, more so when your girlfriend’s birthday is on 31st Dec, like mine’s. Here are a few pretty good ‘tech’ gifts that you can present to your girlfriend (and, mom n dad) on this New Year. Best Smartphone: Samsung Galaxy S2, … Continue reading

Aakash Tablet FAQ and Queries

For so long, we’ve been just talking about the configuration and price of the cheapest tablet, Aakash but today we’ll try and find answers to some of the basic FAQ’s and queries lingering in the mind of many Aakash enthusiasts. Though we’ve explained everything in our previous blogs, but here we’ll sum-up all of them, just to make your life a … Continue reading

Top 6 Cheapest Tablets in Indian market

Advent of Aakash tablet has injected a new life in the gadget market, companies are thriving hard to develop cheaper tablets with improved features. Getting an Aakash tablet is nothing less than peeling off grapes as there are countless buyers for a very few tablets. But, if you desperate to own a tablet PC and looking for another low-cost tablet … Continue reading

Difference between Aakash, UbiSlate 7 and Aakash 2

Last evening, I received multiple queries of my readers asking whether its better to buy Aakash, UbiSlate-7 or Aakash-2 tablet. After answering some them I got to know of the exact reason why such questions are creeping in their brain. Basically, they are confused regarding the exact difference between Aakash, UbiSlate-7 and Aakash-2 tablets. They are facing problems in correctly … Continue reading

Advantages and Disadvantages of Aakash tablet

If you’re looking to get an Aakash tablet then you’re at the right place to weigh your instincts. We’ll tell you every pros and cons of Aakash tablet and let you know if its worth to buy or not. Don’t forget to read our conclusion as it holds some vital information regarding the second version of Aakash i.e Aakash-2. Lets … Continue reading

Purchase Aakash tablet online from 16th December 2011

After a long wait, finally Aakash tablet is for sale. Yes, you can purchase Aakash tablet online at from 16th Decemeber 2011. Yesterday, Datawind CEO Suneet Tuli said that they have put up 30,000 Aakash tablet on sale at an online selling price of Rs. 2,500. It can be purchased directly from the website; tablets would be delivered 7 days … Continue reading

Comparison between Kindle Fire and Aakash cheapest tablets

Today, we’ll talk about two of the cheapest tablets available in the market, one is the Aakash tablet developed by Datawind in collaboration with the students of IIT Rajasthan, and the other one is Kindle Fire by Amazon. Aakash was launched on 5th October ’11 while Kindle Fire hit the market on 15th November. Both are great, Aakash is developed for … Continue reading

Indian schools opting for iPad, uncertain future of Aakash tablet?

Many public schools in India had directed parents to buy Rs 40,000 priced Apple iPad to help students in their studies. This idea might sound great but this has also raised question marks over the credentials of Aakash tablet, the cheapest tablet computer developed by India. Datawind, in collaboration with the students of IIT Rajasthan developed the Aakash tablet. The … Continue reading

Ban lifted on Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Australia

After 4 months of painful court battle, Samsung tasted its first big success when the ban on Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 was lifted in Australia. The ban was originally lifted on 01 Dec ’11 but Apple asked for a week extension which was later granted by the Australian court. Samsung, the biggest smartphone maker in the world welcomed the statement … Continue reading

8 good reasons to purchase Aakash tablet

India is famous for producing low cost products, first it developed the cheapest car ‘Nano’ then the cheapest water purifier ‘Pureit’ and now the cheapest computer ‘Aakash’. While the world is delighted to hear this great news, I have complied a list of good reasons why Aakash tablet is a good product to invest. It’s cheapest, just a few bucks more … Continue reading

6 hidden things about Aakash tablet

Do you know everything about Aakash tablet? I bet, you know most updates on the cheapest tablet but there are few hidden things that you’ll find very interesting, Aakash tablet costs Rs 1500 or $35, confused? In India, we can say that it costs Rs 1500 for students and Rs 3200 for the common people. But its marketed as $35 … Continue reading

4 reasons why Aakash tablet delayed to January 2012

Students are eagerly waiting to get their hands the cheapest tablet, Aakash. They are supposed to get it through their college, but barring some IIT and NIT’s no other college have received the tablets till now. Initially, the scheduled date for Aakash tablet availability for common people was announced as November 2011, but later shifted to December ’11 and now its again … Continue reading