Aakash tablet available in college libraries on rent

Government is planning to provide Aakash tablets to college libraries absolutely free of cost with long term prepositions to help students in their studies. These Aakash tablets will come with pre-loaded lectures on various subjects. Students can borrow the tablet on rent, whose span would be decided by the concerned college itself. This announcement might be a big point of interest for most Aakash … Continue reading

6 must know things before buying Aakash tablet

Aakash has been distributed to more than 12k users, and many of them shared their feedback with me on Facebook. So, in this blog, I’ve complied list of a few things that one must know before buying the Aakash tablet, With Aakash tablet, you won’t be getting SIM and GPRS facility. It’ll only have Wi-Fi. You can’t download new apps and … Continue reading

Complaints of Aakash tablet users, no customer care, under-performing

In December, 30k Aakash tablets were sold in an online sale, much faster than beleaguered India’s surrender to Australia, 2-0. Buyers were promised to deliver these tablets within 7 days of online booking, but got delayed. Tablet distribution started in January ’12, and with this, started a long list of complaints. Here are some horrific complaints, I’ve found in consumer forums, … Continue reading

6 best ways to prevent laptop overheating

After some years of use, laptops often heats so much that they could be replaced as heaters. System overheating is a common problem with most laptop users. Excessive heating may damage RAM, cause irreparable damage to laptop components and wires, or incur permanent data loss. Lets see how excessive heating of a laptop can be avoided, Keep laptop clean: Most users, … Continue reading

How to reduce high CPU usage?

CPU is the brain of a computer, so it must be kept in good shape. CPU usage usually hovers around 3-5 percent, but there may be times when it creeps up at alarming levels. CPU usage gives a reflection of load on the system processor. Higher CPU usage means higher load on microprocessors and RAM, which might result in slow … Continue reading

How to improve wifi signal reception on laptop at home, schools and colleges

With the advent of Wifi, connecting to internet at home, school and colleges has gone easier. But the Wifi installed at such places usually have a poor signal strength that results in gruesome web experience for netizens. So, its important to employ right practices to catch better signals. Antenna placement for better WIFI reception Laptops come with an inbuilt antenna to … Continue reading

How to improve WI-FI reception

WI-FI is a common feature in our homes, school and colleges. It’s a great of connecting with internet, but there may be times when poor signal quality can ruin your internet experience. Here we tell you ways to get better WI-FI reception and tweaks to improve signals for faster and problem-free web experience. Best way to place a Wi-Fi antenna … Continue reading

14.1 lac Aakash tablets booked in 14 days

More than 14lacs (14.1lacs approx) Aakash tablets have been booked since it first came out for online sale on 16th December ’11, told Mr. Suneet Tuli, CEO of Datawind. He further added that, overflowing demands forced Datawind to change its manufacturing plans for the cheapest tablet, Aakash. Aakash was first scheduled to develop in Hyderabad but soaring prices tempted Datawind … Continue reading

Tips to keep laptop battery healthy to last longer

You can get the services of a doctor if you’re ill but what about your laptop’s battery. Laptops are great gadgets but shorter battery life can ruin your fun, so here we bring you some ways to keep battery in healthy condition so that it lasts as it should, When you first purchase a laptop, first put it to charge … Continue reading

Aakash tablet rival, Classpad to come in market

A Delhi based company, Classteacher Learning Systems developed a tablet called ClassPad, which has better configuration than Aakash tablet. Advent of Aakash has set a new trend of developing cheaper tablet, and taking cue from this, ClassPad is developed. It’s priced more than Aakash tablet, but with most configuration slated better than the cheapest tablet, ClassPad has much more to … Continue reading

How to use a single webcam for multiple IM programs

On Skype, you’re chatting with Jatin, and now your girlfriend Rhea wants to chat with you on Facebook. What’ll you do, how to use the same webcam for 2 different IMs? One of the following softwares can help you in sharing a single webcam with multiple programs. SplitCam A freeware program, SplitCam allows you to simultaneously chat on multiple programs with … Continue reading

What is the exact price of Aakash tablet?

Price of Aakash tablet is rippling up and down. Different websites have their different prices, ultimately confusing the readers. Here we’ve brought forward the exact price of Aakash tablet in the Indian market. We’ll give the exact price of the tablet for students, common people and describe why the prices are fluctuating so much. Aakash tablet price for students: Less than … Continue reading