How to get back a lost Airtel number, getting a duplicate SIM

Lost your phone? Sim card too? If yes, then carry out the following steps to recover the it back by getting a duplicate SIM of the same Airtel number. 1. File FIR First lodge a FIR complaint to the concerned Police Station. One thing to note here is that you can file complaint to the police station of the area … Continue reading

MOBILedit: The Ultimate PC Suite for all phones

Are you tired of installing different PC suites for different phones? Want a PC suite that can- Manage your contacts, photos and music Easy phone to phone copy and backups Provide Internet storage for seamless synchronization Works with nearly all phones If yes….then MOBILedit! PC Suite is the perfect choice for you. MOBILedit! allows you to control your phone from … Continue reading

How to increase and optimize laptop’s battery life

We all desire for a good laptop battery life in daily use and also its own longevity. Here I present you with several tips and tricks to optimize battery life without damaging your laptops. First to get a power efficiency report: Click Start, type CMD, right click cmd.exe and click Run as Administrator. On the command line, type powercfg -energy to view a power efficiency report. this … Continue reading

3 ways to speed-up laptop by 50percent (that works!)

Speeding up a laptop is one thing that everyone looks for. Basically, speed depends on laptop processor and the size of RAM installed. Processor is the engine and RAM works as a support to it. For speedy performance, you obviously should have faster processor and bigger sized RAM. But there are some fine ways that can help you in achieving … Continue reading

Tips to make an old laptop look like new (at home)

Its a good idea to refurbish an old laptop if you’re still using it for your work. Laptops have a long life, and if starts to look dull doesn’t means its no longer usable. But you might feel uncomfortable while carrying it to office or on official tours as its appearance fails to match the one that your colleagues have. … Continue reading

Tips to Get the Best Out of Your Laptop Servicing

Is your laptop slowing down? Does it heat up?  It is about time that you serviced your laptops. All these are indicators for need for service, but these can be prevented by going in for laptop service at regular time intervals. What Causes the Need for Laptop service/repair? You may think you have handled your laptop with so much care, but … Continue reading

Use one app on different smartphones with Boot to Gecko

Can you use Facebook apps on Twitter, or any other app off its ecosystem? No app can work out of its environment. Some customization must be done in running an app in different smartphone OS. Now, with Mozilla’s Gecko engine called Boot to Gecko, a web application can be used in multiple smartphone devices without any alteration. Its like using … Continue reading

6 best BSNL broadband plans for students

BSNL broadband has been a revelation since its launch in 2001-02. In a span of 12 years, it has accumulated over 2 million customers with students being its biggest users. Recently BSNL updated its old broadband plans and induced several new ones. In the post,  we tell about 6 of the best BSNL broadband plans which are suitable for students. Don’t … Continue reading

How to recover lost profile password of SBI Netbanking account

If you’ve lost the password of your SBI netbanking accopunt then there are 2 ways to recover it. Here is how you do it, Login to your account and reach where you enter profile password. Now click ‘Forget profile password’ option. Now you’ll be asked to answer the hint question that you set while setting up the password. If you … Continue reading

Aakash tablet distribution updates to colleges and buyers

Distribution of Aakash tablet has caught flow with a big share of booked tablets already handed out to the buyers. Distribution started on 1st Jan ’12 and till now more than 14,000 have been parked to the buyers. However, rate of distribution is slow as compared to what Datawind, the manufacturer, initially promised. Previously, Aakash tablets went on for online sale on 16th … Continue reading

How to reach Customer Care for Aakash tablet?

In previous blog, we highlighted some common problems faced by Aakash tablet buyers which got huge response. People shared their problems like unavailability of customer care centers and unresponsive toll free numbers for queries and we tried to help them out in the best possible manner. We’re in touch with some Aakash tablet insiders to give you under the hood information. Here is what you can … Continue reading

Aakash 2 available from Feb 2 for college students

In a recent note, Indian Government announced that Aakash 2 tablets would be available for college students from Feb 2 onwards. They are supposed to get the delivery of 70,000 tablets from Datawind, the manufacturer, by the end of January. More than 30,000 Aakash tablets has been sold in the market till date. Aakash 2 is an improvement over the … Continue reading