Download and Install firebug addon to mozilla firefox:Stepwise instructions

You can find a huge range of addons for Firefox browser to install and use. Firebug is one such awesome Firefox addon for web developers. It can let you edit and make changes to any website on the go. You can alter anything from HTML code to CSS and JavaScript coding of a website. If you want to change the … Continue reading

Reduce HTTP Requests to Improve Website Loading Time

Does your website loads very slow? If yes, then you must reduce HTTP Requests to your web server. If a webpage makes a good 15-18 then it could be the main reason behind your website’s tortoise walk. Actually, 70-80% of website loading time is spend in loading external files(JavaScript, CSS, images etc) that makes separate HTTP Connections with the server. Larger … Continue reading

How to Speed up Website Performance

Developing a website is not a rocket science as my li’l brother developed one yesterday. The core of web development is keeping a fine balance between design, performance and utility of the website. Developing a good website needs serious creativity in multiple departments, that’s why Google and Facebook are right at the top. Among all other factors, website performance primarily … Continue reading

Linear Gradient in CSS3 to provide awesome Backgrounds effects to Menus and Divs

Previously web developers use image to add gradient, rounded corners and shadow effects to menus and divs which can slow down the website. Then launched the CSS3 with awesome features aiming to make websites load and perform faster. Among the various features of CSS3 one is the linear gradient which can provide the same gradient effect with just a single … Continue reading

Top 10 Fashion Websites Girlfriends would Love to Check

Girlfriends usually do not understand the obsession we guys have with the internet. They often are unable to comprehend why we need to get our daily dose of tech info and news. What would be a better way of making sure that your net addiction doesn’t take a toll on your relationship? Simple answer – get her addicted too. Fashion … Continue reading

10 Most Weird and Unusual Items Sold on eBay

One of the biggest online shopping portals in the world, eBay is also host to a number of weird and unusual items. The more amazing part however is the number of buyers and bidders who respond to such offers. It would also not hurt to make some money on an item that you don’t have use for anymore. For people … Continue reading

Try Maki App: A Web Design Mockup Tool

If you’ve ever designed a website on your own, you know very well how irritating it is when a new version of your design fails to sit pretty with your existing template. Enter Maki app, a great web design mockup tool to let you view a mockup of your new page as an overlay to your existent material. How does … Continue reading

Top Domain Registrars and Hosting Service Providers in India

Domain registration is an industry in India that has been growing steadily over time. With hundreds of new domain registrars who offer licensing and hosting services, an aspiring domain owner is spoilt for choice. However some services are better than others in terms of what they offer their customers. To get a measure of who’s who of the domain registration … Continue reading

10 Websites for the Stock Market Update You Need

Various websites listed below which not only give information and updates of local markets but global stock market updates and their indices as well. Cnbc: This has always been the leading name in the world of stock exchange news and updates. The website in cnbc .com and the link to the website is Yahoo finance: Yahoo finance is one … Continue reading