Best place for ads in a blogging website for better CTRs

Only 3 ads can be included in a webpage so we must be precise in placing ads on websites. Some days ago, I came to know of two most fruitful locations for ads that gives better click through rates (CTRs.). Depending on the blog design, here we discuss two ad layouts. If you’re running a blogging site, its advisable to switch to … Continue reading

7 fresh fonts for your next project

Fonts spice-up the taste of websites and make it more delicious to onlookers. Since we aren’t talking about food so here is a list of  the most latest fonts that appeared on internet off late, for website and graphics designer to use, Bohemia: Planar: Elga: CS Benwood: Clumsy: Quaver: Ubuntu Mono:

Comment posting system working explained with full code and demo example; both jQuery and JavaScript versions

Social networking sites are all about posting comments, tweeting and sending messages. You must be commenting all day long on Facebook and posting tweets on Twitter. Blogging sites also asks you to post comments and feedback on articles. Though we use this service 24×7 yet most of us don’t know how the comment posting system in a website works? Its … Continue reading

Facebook opened its gates for HTML 5 developers

It’s a good news for HTML 5 developers who’ve got some serious HTML 5 skills under their belt. Facebook now encourages you to use HTML 5 for app development purposes. For those of you who are yet strangers to HTML 5, I’d like to tell that HTML 5 is a World Wide Web Consortium(W3C) specification and HTML 5 is now … Continue reading

Why Privacy policy is must for Google AdSense publishers

Okay, if you’re having an AdSense account but no privacy policy page on your website then you must add one before Google terminates your account. As per the latest Google AdSense terms, a website must hold correct privacy policy information to ensure a visitor is aware of his details, the website is storing. Privacy policy is a piece of information that states … Continue reading

Top 10 most annoying things when you’re online

Indeed, the world of internet is awesome, addictive and seductive, sometimes. It swiftly embraced our lives; made it user friendly yet there are things that can infuriate when you’re online. Here we enlist such annoying problems that we entangle almost each and everyday, Internet Connectivity You’re chatting with your friend on some spicy topic and all of a sudden wifi goes off. … Continue reading

Footer information in websites you must include

If I ask you of the least important section in a webpage – header, mid or footer? I’m sure most of us would answer in favor of the footer section, but it should surprise you that footer section is as important as header section in a webpage. You must have heard of the famous saying ‘shoes are the reflection of human … Continue reading

Create a jquery rotate plugin: Explained with stepwise instructions

You’ve seen many transition effects on several sites. Most are them are mainly about fading in/out, sliding up/down. Today I’m gonna show how to make a jquery plugin which can rotate the DOM element. So, before move into tutorial here is a demo, Demo Download Step 1: First of all we will write the skeleton of our jquery plugin. If … Continue reading

Add comment to your website with DISQUS

Have a new website or a blog where you’d like to start interacting with your readers? If you’re not too sure regarding how to go about it, fret not. Welcome DISQUS, a novel and ingenious free website comments tool. You can let users comment to your website with DISQUS taking the interactivity to a new level. Here’s a sneak peek … Continue reading

How ads slow down website loading speed

You have seen website ads begging for your attention, some are useful while some appear non-relevant and bizarre with the webpage design. Ads are the biggest source of income for website owners. Despite being a fuel for online existence of websites, ads hugely contribute in slowing down the website loading speed. You came across websites that load partially and then … Continue reading

How to choose the right color for website ads

Right food is one that doesn’t run your stomach. Similarly, right color for website ads is one that improves website CTR. If you’re making huge with orange and reds then stick to it or if you’re happy with black and blues then live with it. Google however states that smooth and light colored ads outperform the darker ones. This is … Continue reading

How to use Firebug addon for Mozilla Firefox Browser

Once you have downloaded and installed Firebug to Mozilla browser, its time to see how it works. Below is stepwise instructions showing how you can replace Google logo using Firebug addon for Mozilla Firefox with just a minor alteration in the DHTML coding. Once we are on, right click to see ‘Inspect Element’. Click on ‘Inspect Element’ to see … Continue reading